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Welcome to Our website has been designed and developed specifically to help you cost up a range of home improvement projects, from skip hire to decking and from window replacement to bathroom remodelling, and many more.

For the Homeowner

It’s often difficult to get an accurate idea of how much a home improvement project will cost without speaking directly to a workman for a price. However, our website makes this process super simple. Our website provides clear and concise cost comparisons which allow you to fully understand the costs involved in a range of home improvement projects. Our cost comparisons are research and written by industry experts to provide you with the most accurate idea of costs possible.  Each comparison has a summary pricing table with a range of prices you are likely to expect, depending on the standard and complexity of the job. We can also put you into direct contact with a range of professionals in your local area, who have been pre-screened and qualified, taking the hassle out of obtaining multiple quotes so you get the best price possible.

At we also realise that the area of home improvement is fraught with jargon and language that the lay person doesn’t really understand, making the process even more difficult than it must be. That’s why we have developed a set of “Jargon Busters” to put you one step ahead when it comes to researching your home improvement project. Again, each jargon buster is researched and presented in a logical format, providing you with the information you need to get started on pricing up your home improvement job.

For the Contractor

The content we create and publish here at is as accurate as possible, however we always welcome feedback from industry experts and workman in order to further improve our content where possible. Simply visit our contact page today for more information on how to get in touch.