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Garden Landscaping Ideas, 8 Things You Can Do to Improve the Look of Your Garden

The cost of garden landscaping can run into the thousands and sometimes even tens of thousands of pounds if you hire a professional landscaping company. However, not everyone has that kind of money or wants to go to the extremes of a full garden landscape. Simple garden landscaping is one of many home improvement ideas you can do yourself without having to break your back or the bank. Our list of 8 simple garden landscaping ideas should get your started.

Our List of Things to do to Improve Your Garden

Adding Garden Solar Lighting

Adding solar garden lighting is a great way to add a little bit of character to the garden and create an outdoor ambience without the need to do any hard labour. They have built in re-chargeable LED lights which will power up during the day and glow bright during the evening and into the night. Solar lights are generally available in black, brushed chrome and silver. There are several types of solar lights available ranging from £10 – £150.

  • Wall solar lights
  • Hanging solar lights
  • Lamp Post Style Solar Lights
  • String Solar Lighting
  • Ground Lights / Bedding Lights

Wall lights are great for the back end of a garden or around a seating area where you need some above ground light, equally hanging solar lights are great for the same purpose but can also look great hanging either side of a patio door or garage. Lamp post solar lights are great within an area where you have trees and bushes, great for adding mood. Large trees and bushes are also a great platform for string lights, with no need for any fixtures or fittings you simply place string lights into the trees. However, probably the most common type and popular kind of solar lighting is the path lights or ground lights which are great for lighting up walkways and highlighting flower beds which would otherwise disappear into the dark night backdrop.

Adding a Small Area of Garden Decking

Adding a small area of decking isn’t as difficult as it might first seem. There are plenty of websites offering decking kits which you simply put together following the included instructions, which require not cutting or complex joinery to get a small square or rectangular decking area. E-Decks have several kits in stock in multiple sizes with many options including rails, steps and pergolas. Decking kits range from £150 – £1200 and are simple and quick to put together with a drill and 2 pairs of hands. Alternatively, there are many videos online, including this one, which show you how to build a deck to add a great little seating area for BBQ’s and socialising to your garden. Our guide on the cost of adding garden decking gives a complete breakdown of what decking is likely to cost you.

Adding Some Raised Flower Beds

Raised flower beds are easy to add and can be placed in any part of the garden. You can buy raised bedding kits which are made out of single boards and are usually square or oblong. These are generally available in 4 ft. square kits or larger. You can also buy railway sleepers or landscaping poles and build your own raised beds, but these require a little more work. A few ideas are shown below.

Add Some Garden Borders

Garden borders are easy to add yourself without spending much money at all. The idea is that garden borders can be filled with bedding plants, trees and shrubs. You can also place ornaments, decorative items and focal solar lighting to bring attention to the area.

Garden boards do not just have to be one shape either, you can make them all different types of shapes and sizes. To add a garden border all you’ll you need to do is remove around 2-3 ft. depth of lawn or ground (if you need to) and add in some compost, then plant yourself some bedding plants or even climbing plants to work their way up the fence. We recommend edging the lawn (as discussed below) so that you get a nice even and professional finish. Garden borders will develop and mature over time, so do not worry if they look a little bit sparse at first.

Edging Your Lawn

One of the easiest and cheapest methods you can use to really sharpen up the look of your garden is by edging and shaping the lawn. Edging the lawn involves using a specific lawn edging tool to add shape to the lawn edge. This does not just have to be a square shape though; you can add curves and undulations to the lawn to add to the overall effect.

Break in Up with Stone and Gravel

Gravel and stone is a great way of splitting up your garden into perceived areas. You can use different types of gravel and stone to add colour and depth to garden borders and flower beds. These types of stone are also great and keeping weeds at bay, or at least slowing them down, and aiding water flow in areas of poor land drainage. We have posted some images below to show you garden landscaping stone and gravel, for the most common types available.

Updating or Painting Your Fence

The cost of new fence can be as much as £1200 for 10 close board 5 ft. fence panels, installed. However, you do not need to replace fence to give your garden the best look. There are many types of fence stain and wood fence paints available on the market to transform the look of an ageing or untreated fence. Fence stain and fence paint not only changes the look of the fence, but it also provides year round protection from rot, meaning that the fence lasts longer and requires less intensive maintenance.

Trim those Trees

Finally, trimming any overgrowing trees or bushes is a simple way of making the garden look tidier. Again, you don’t need to spend buckets of cash doing this. Just get yourself a pair of shears and away you go.

Have your own idea of simple DIY garden landscaping? Join in the discussion and leave your comment below.

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