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Asbestos Removal Cost

The national average asbestos removal cost is £1,350 – £2,100, this is based on a job size of 20-40 m2 and therefore prices will vary depending on how much asbestos you need to have removed. An initial asbestos survey cost is usually required to establish the type, size and complexity of the job, an asbestos survey cost is usually between £270 – £290.
Low Cost £400 – £1,300
National Average Cost £1,350 – £2,100
High Cost £2,100 – £3,400+

Free Asbestos Removal Quotes from Local Pre-Screened Professionals

Free Asbestos Removal Quotes from Local Pre-Screened Professionals

The average asbestos removal cost is £1,350 to £2,100 depending on job size and cost factors.

Total job cost ranges from £250 to £3,400+. For tiles, sheets and boards, cost for asbestos removal averages £45-£55 per square metre.

This summary table shows asbestos removal prices for common jobs and their cost factors.

Asbestos Removal Cost
Low Cost Average Cost High Cost
£400 – £1,300 £1,350 – £2,100 £2,100 – £3,400+
Square Metres Less than 24 m2 20 – 40 m2 More than 35 m2
Difficulty Easy Moderate Moderate or Hard
License Required No Yes or No Yes
Artex ceiling No No Yes or No
Pipe, Guttering, Soffit Yes or No No No
Replacement Materials No No Yes or No

Free Asbestos Removal Quotes from Local Pre-Screened Professionals

Free Asbestos Removal Quotes from Local Pre-Screened Professionals

All cost factors are explored in detail below, so you will have a very close estimate of what your asbestos removal cost will be.


Asbestos was used in building materials such as insulation, roof panels and shingles from the 1930s until it was banned in the UK in 1999.

Before its health dangers were known, asbestos was valued as a versatile, durable, inexpensive and fire-resistant material.

The material is being removed because fibers and dust become loose as it deteriorates or when the material is broken. When breathed, asbestos causes serious lung diseases. This discovery led to its ban.

It is not mandated that you remove asbestos. But it is advisable to determine whether asbestos is used in your home and/or garage and to have inspected to determine its condition.

Asbestos materials in good condition aren’t a serious threat. However, they will eventually breakdown and pose a health danger. Fine particles of asbestos debris are too small to see. They might be present in your home and the air you breathe without you being aware of them.

Common locations for asbestos include:

  • Roofing materials
  • Floor and ceiling tiles
  • Insulation (boards, attic, cavity walls)
  • Cement in walls
  • Guttering
  • Pipes
  • Flues
  • Garage roofs and walls

Asbestos Removal Process

The first step is to determine when your home or building was built, if you’re unaware of the date.

Asbestos has not been used in construction from the year 2000 on.

If construction was before 2000, contact a certified asbestos specialist for a survey. The surveyor may take material samples for testing.

If the survey and testing show the presence of asbestos, options can be discussed. The best option is to have the asbestos materials removed. However, encapsulation of the materials might be an option. Asbestos encapsulation cost is much lower but has disadvantages too.

When it is determined asbestos is present, it is a good idea to get at least three asbestos removal estimates from companies that know they are competing for the job.

The company will take measures to eliminate the spread of asbestos during the removal or encapsulation process. When removed, materials containing asbestos will be disposed of in containers that do not allow its escape.

Cost Factors

How much does asbestos removal cost? It depends on these factors.

Size of the job: The more material that is removed, the higher the cost will be.

Ease of the job: Complex and difficult jobs such as removing wall cavity or attic insulation take longer than simple jobs like removing corrugated garage panels, so cost is higher.

The type of work and who does it: The three levels of work are non-licensed, non-licensed but notifiable and fully licensed work.

  • Non-licensed contractors can remove materials such as roofing tiles or panels without breaking the panels into smaller pieces, a process that releases asbestos dust. This is non-notifiable work.
  • They can also do non-licensed but notifiable work – removal and breaking into smaller pieces for disposal. Cost is higher than non-notifiable work.
  • Fully licensed asbestos removal is work where extra precaution must be taken contain asbestos particles. Licensed contractors are required, and the cost is highest.

Replacement materials: When asbestos materials are removed, they must be replaced. Consider the cost of new insulation, wall or ceiling boards, new roofing, etc.

Itemised Asbestos Removal Costs

Here are common jobs and their cost. VAT is not included.

  • £230 – £270 | Survey: A survey is needed if you want to determine if asbestos exists in your building materials. You must also have one done if you are planning home improvement that will include walls, the attic, roof or other areas that might contain asbestos
  • £22 – £30 per test | Testing: Materials are tested to determine whether asbestos is present. Testing isn’t required on materials that obviously contain asbestos and are going to be removed.
  • £27 – £38 per square metre: Garage roof sheet and side panel removal, corrugated and other types. Total cost ranges from about £350 to £800+ for just the roof depending on whether the garage is a single or double. When side panels are included, the cost is £1,100 – £2,500.
  • £45 – £55 per square metre: Removal of most wall, insulation board, floor and ceiling material.
  • £100 – £150 per square metre | Artex ceiling: Artex is textured plaster. It is very costly to remove because it crumbles easily, exposing the worker to dust containing asbestos. Extreme care and precautions are taken, and it is time-consuming work.
  • £225+ | Ventilation pipe removal: The £225 covers about one metre of pipe. Expect costs of an additional £25-£30 per each additional metre.
  • £20 – £25 per metre | Removal of asbestos gutter and rainwater pipes. Scaffolding rental included.
  • £80 – £115 per square metre | Asbestos soffit removal. Cost includes scaffolding rental.

Free Asbestos Removal Quotes from Local Pre-Screened Professionals

Free Asbestos Removal Quotes from Local Pre-Screened Professionals

Asbestos Encapsulation

This process involves using strong adhesive or sealing material to cover or surround asbestos materials such as pipes, ceilings, corrugated roof sheets and soffits.

The cost is £7-£12 per square metre depending on the material being sealed or encapsulated.

The benefit is a much lower cost to reduce the risk of asbestos. It is impossible to say the risk is eliminated.

The disadvantage is possibly paying twice. For example, if you have material encapsulated now but choose to remove it due to remodelling in the future, you’ll pay the full removal cost on top of the encapsulation cost.

A second disadvantage is that encapsulated asbestos will make your property harder to sell than if the materials have been removed and replaced.

Council Help?

It is in the public’s interest to remove asbestos. As a result, council help with asbestos removal might be available.

For example, the Birmingham City Council says, “We offer a free collection service from your home for asbestos cement materials such as roofing sheets, pipes and guttering. We are only able to collect and dispose of small amounts of wrapped and bagged cement asbestos from your home. If there are more than 6 bagged or wrapped packages you will need to contact an independent licensed asbestos disposal company.”

Many councils, like Birmingham, have a limit on the type and amount of material to be removed.

Find asbestos disposal information here from your local council.

Is Asbestos Removal a DIY Job?

Removing corrugated roof tiles, guttering or pipes in good condition can be done yourself. Your local council might pick up the waste and dispose of it at no cost. Again, see the information on council help above.

Due to significant health risks from breathing asbestos, it is wise to call an asbestos removal contractor if the material is deteriorating or if it must be broken up to remove.

Removing asbestos insulation, Artex or fixed asbestos tile that must be broken to remove should be left to a professional. There’s too much danger of breathing asbestos dust or fibers without taking professional precautions.

Compare Asbestos Removal Costs

Would you like to compare prices from asbestos removal contractors in your area?

Use our free service to compare costs. There is no obligation to accept any of the estimates. It is your opportunity to get questions answered and compare asbestos removal costs for the type of materials you need removed.

Frequently Asked Questions for Asbestos?

  • Q. Are asbestos roofs dangerous?
  • Ans. All asbestos is dangerous, however asbestos cement will not usually release fibres until it is broken up and whilst insitu is relatively low risk, asbestos fibres found in insulation and the like though are more dangerous and of risk to your health.
  • Q. Can I remove an asbestos roof myself?
  • Ans. There can be significant health risks if you breathe in asbestos, therefore we don’t usually recommend that you remove asbestos yourself. Instead, pay a small fee and have the peace of mind that the job is done correctly.
  • Q. How can I tell if my garage roof is asbestos?
  • Ans. It’s hard to tell if the roof content is made from asbestos without sending a sample for analysis, which can be time consuming. The only other way to figure this out is to assume, if the house was built before the 70’s, the roof is corrugated but isn’t metal then there’s a good chance it’s made from asbestos.

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