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Scaffolding Hire Prices & Cost

The average cost of scaffolding hire is £635. The total scaffolding hire cost range for most projects is £300 to £1,200. Here is a summary table of scaffolding hire prices. Cost factors are discussed below.

Scaffolding Hire Prices & Cost
Low Cost Average Cost High Cost
Cost Range £225 – £500 £500 – £850 £850 – £1,200+
Total Size Small Medium Medium to Large
Sides 1-2 2-3 3-4
Walking Levels 1 2 3+
Height 1 Storey 1-2 Storeys 2+ Storeys
Access Easy Moderate Moderate to Difficult
Time Up to 1 Week More than 1 Week More than 1 Week
Permit Needed No Yes or No Yes or No
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Overview of Scaffolding Hire & Prices

Due to stricter rules, tradespeople must now use scaffold instead of ladders for many residential construction and repair projects. This improves safety but adds cost.

Common projects include scaffolding to gutter height of a single-storey or two-storey dwelling, loft conversion scaffolding, conservatory scaffolding, wrap-around scaffolding for chimney work and scaffolding for three sides of a semi-detached home.

Project examples and their costs are given below.

Scaffolding Hire Price Factors

Most jobs fall within the cost range given above. Very small projects of short duration might cost less; large projects that take a long time will exceed £1,200.

When giving estimates, your local scaffold company will consider these factors when considering the scaffolding hire prices:

  • Size of the Scaffolding: Width and height are measured to determine the amount of scaffold required.
  • Walking Levels: These bridges, called lifts, are walking levels between scaffolding towers that tradespeople work on. For example, if guttering is being installed, just one lift is needed. If the brickwork of a large house is being repaired, then two or more walking levels is required.
  • Access: Erecting scaffolding in an area that is difficult to reach or has little room for manoeuvring takes longer, so it costs more than putting it together in open spaces.
  • Time: The length of the hire may be as short as a few days for gutter installation or repair and several weeks for roofing and loft conversions. Some companies charge a fixed rate for a certain number of weeks, and then additional fees if the scaffold is needed beyond the initial period.
  • Blocked Footpaths or Roads: A permit is required for scaffolding in any location where public access is obstructed. Additional safety measures, at additional cost, might also be needed.
  • Your Location: Costs vary across the UK. They are higher in London and nearby, of course, and lower in rural areas.
  • Transport Costs: Transporting the scaffold a long distance will increase the cost.

Common Scaffolding Hire Costs

Before we get to the examples, there are other ways to consider scaffold hire costs:

Scaffold cost per square metre: £12-£24.

Scaffold cost per week: £350-£675 for the types of projects discussed below.

This table shows average scaffold costs for common projects. A brief explanation of each follows.

Project Cost Ave. Total Time
Gutter Work per Side £135 – £200 £535 2-4 days
Roofing per Side £225 – £400 £985 1-2 weeks
Painting per Side £150 – £225 £640 3-7 days
Chimney Repair – 4 Sides £475 – £950 £715 3-5 days
Conservatory Bridge £400 – £725 £510 3-5 days
Loft Conversion £750 – £2,000 £1,280 1-2 weeks
  • Gutter Work: Average gutter scaffolding cost is £535. Sides are determined by house type – Mid-terrace (2), semi-detached (3) and detached (4). When the house has a simple design, 4 corners for a detached home, for example, scaffold cost is lower than when there are more than the minimum number of corners.
  • Roofing: For a roof replacement or repair, the average roofing scaffolding cost is £985. The structure will be the same as for gutter repair, so the major cost factor is the scaffold hire time. Again, number of sides is determined by house type, and the same factors apply as with gutter work.
  • Painting: The cost of painting scaffolding averages £640. The reason cost is higher than for gutter work is that painting usually requires the addition of one or more walking levels.
  • Chimney Repair: The cost of chimney scaffolding is £715 on average. This requires scaffolding on all 4 sides plus a means to reach it or special equipment to protect roofing from damage.
  • Conservatory Bridge: £510 is the average cost to build a scaffold bridge over a conservatory to do work on a wall, gutter or roof. The major cost factors are conservatory width and height.
  • Loft Conversion: Average cost of scaffolding for a loft conversion project is £1,280. A second walking level is often required, and the hire period is often longer than when painting or repairing guttering.
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Getting the Best Scaffold Hire Cost

Contractors often include scaffold cost in their estimates. However, they might not provide you with the best cost. In fact, some contractors make a profit on scaffolding hire.

Ask your contractor about the specific cost for scaffolding. Then, contact several scaffolding companies in your area. Most provide free estimates.

Frequently Asked Questions for your Scaffolding Hire?

  • Q. Can Scaffolding Be Used On Uneven Ground?
  • Ans. Uneven ground does not usually cause a problem for scaffolding. they can be designed in various ways using the exact measurements to ensure that the top of the scaffolding unit and the surfaces are safe.
  • Q. Do I Need A Scaffolding Permit?
  • Ans. A scaffolding permit is always required where scaffolding units will be erected on or over a public highway, this includes pavements and footpaths. Your scaffolding company should complete the application process for this permit, but you will need to ensure this is in place before any construction begins.
  • Q. Does Scaffolding Require Inspection Before Use?
  • Ans. Safety is the most important factor when designing & erecting a scaffolding system. It’s always important to ensure the safety of workers, passers-by, or anyone in contact with the scaffolding. Safety inspections must be carried out before the scaffolding is used, then once every seven days following construction, or after any alterations or extreme weather conditions.

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