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Skip Hire Cost

U.K. Skip hire cost starts at about £60 for a mini and ranges to more than £600 for a large roll-on roll-off (RORO) skip. A full breakdown of skip hire costs for mini, midi and large (builders) skips are shown on the page below.
Low Cost £95-£160
Average Cost £135-£225
High Cost £200-£400

Get Free Skip Hire Quotes from Local Skip Hire Companies in Seconds

Get Free Skip Hire Quotes from Local Skip Hire Companies in Seconds

How Much Does Skip Hire Cost?

The average U.K. Skip hire cost starts at about £60 for a mini and ranges to more than £600 for a large roll-on roll-off (RORO) skip. Best price skip hire for the most popular sizes for domestic jobs is £135 to £225. Skip hire prices are listed in the price list table below along with the common sizes and how much rubbish they hold. Our quote form allows you to compare prices.

Skip Hire Cost
Low Cost Average Cost High Cost
£95-£160 £135-£225 £200-£400
Skip Type Mini Midi Builders
Skip Size 2-3 cu. yds. 4-5 cu. yds. 6-10 cu. yds.
Skip Permit No Yes Yes
Extras None Some Some or many
  • Extras include cones, lights, covers, plasterboard bags and other items not included in the base skip hire cost.

Skips are a popular solution to waste removal because of the many sizes available. This skip hire cost guide includes prices to help you plan your waste disposal budget. Skip hire price factors are discussed below.

The most frequent items put in skips are bricks, cardboard, domestic and construction waste, furniture, garden waste, gas cookers, metal, plastic and timber.

Popular Skip Sizes and Uses

As noted in the price table above, skips from 2 to 10 cubic yards are the most popular for domestic use. Larger skips are mostly used for commercial and industrial jobs. This list will help you choose the right bin size. All sizes are for cubic yards. Bags capacities are standard black bin bags, 10-12 bags per cubic yard.

  • Mini skip hire, 2 & 3 yards: 25-35 bags. Often used for plasterboard, kitchen and bathroom refitting and garden waste.
  • Midi skip hire, 4 & 5 yards:  45-60 bags. Ideal for domestic refits and general garden rubbish. A popular size for DIY projects.
  • Builder skip hire, 6 & 8 yards: 65-80 bags. These are popular sizes. Builders and homeowners use them for small and medium construction waste. They are suitable for large DIY projects and garden clean up.
  • Maxi skip hire, 10 to 18 yards: 100-200 bags. These are the largest sizes that are not RORO skips. Maxi skips are used for medium and large home renovations, bulky materials, industrial and commercial rubbish.
  • Roll-on, Roll-off skip hire, 20 to 40 yards: 225 to 450 bags. These skips have enough space for large amounts of domestic, commercial and industrial waste. The rubbish may include metal, timber, plasterboard and light goods.
  • Lockable skip hire: These skips are available in various sizes. Lockable skips prevent unwanted rubbish from being added. They keep the rain off the waste, and offer security too.

The size of your skip is not the only factor which will affect your skip hire cost however and we cover these factors in the section below.

Factors that Affect Skip Hire Cost

How much does it cost to hire a skip? £60 to more than £600 is a wide range. These factors give a more specific idea.

  • Size: Starting at 2 cubic yards and ranging to 40, the larger the skip, the more its hire will cost. The most common sizes for domestic use are 4 to 10 cubic yards. Larger sizes are for very large domestic jobs and commercial or industrial jobs.
  • Duration of the hire: The skip hire price is usually for 7-14 days. Extra charges will apply beyond the standard duration.
  • Skip permit: When the skip is placed on a public road, you will need a skip permit. Skip permit cost varies from less than £15 to more than £50.
  • Lights and cones required by the council: When the skip is too large to place on private land and must be placed on council land, you will need lights and cones to ensure road users can see and avoid the skip. Expect extra costs up to £125 depending on duration of the hire.
  • Covers: If the material in the skip must be kept dry, you’ll need to hire them at additional cost or provide your own.
  • Plasterboard bags: Plasterboard must be placed in its own bag to be kept separate from mixed waste.
  • Location: Skip hire cost varies up to 30% from city to city.
  • Additional waste clearance: There are many items that cannot be put in a skip. If you place any of these in it, you may face extra cost for their removal. The most frequent items that cannot be placed in a skip are asbestos, batteries, compressed gas cylinders, plasterboard without its own bag, and tyres. No WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) items such as fridges and computers may be put in a skip. Here is the full WEEE list.
  • Very heavy waste: Skips up to 10 yards can be filled with very heavy waste. As the skip gets larger, the balance of the rubbish must change. As a general guide, a 12 yard skip should contain no more than 40% very heavy waste such as bricks, metal or dirt. A 20 yard skip should contain 25% heavy waste or less. When you have an abundance of heavy waste, you will need to hire additional skips.

So, given that your skip hire cost can be higher than you maybe first anticipated, how can you save money of your next skip hire?

Saving Money on Skip Hire

Here are a few tips for saving money.

  • Choose the right size skip. One that is too large wastes money. One that is too small won’t allow you to clear the waste, or you’ll have to hire a second skip for its removal. The skip hire company will assist you in choosing the right size skip, or alternatively, see our table guide below for skip size guidance.
  • A house clearance specialist might want some items you planned to place in a skip.
  •  Don’t put incorrect items in the skip. The skip hire company will impose a fee for separating the items not allowed in a skip.
  • Reduce the amount of waste you have by recycling, donating or selling some of the items.

Best Skip Hire Prices for All Sizes

Skip Type Skip Size Average Hire Cost
Mini Skip 2-3 yards £60 to £170
Midi Skip 4-5 yards £125 to £215
Builders Skip 6-10 yards £150 to £330
Commercial 12-18 yards £215 to £475
RORO 20-40 yards £290 to £600
Lockable Varies £120 to £400
All prices ex-VAT


Get Free Skip Hire Quotes from Local Skip Hire Companies in Seconds

Get Free Skip Hire Quotes from Local Skip Hire Companies in Seconds

Skip Hire Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much is it to hire a small skip?

Ans. A small skip, usually known as a mini skip, is around 2-3 cu. yds. in overall size and will cost between £95 and £160 for a 5 day hire. This price may vary depending on your location and the company you choose.

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