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New Boiler Cost

An installed cost of a new boiler will cost between £1,000 to £5,700, which will of course depend on a few factors, all of which are discussed on the page below. An average new boiler cost will range between £1,425-£2,300, including installation and gas safe certification.
Low Cost £1,000-£1,750
Average Cost £1,425-£2,300
High Cost £2,100-£5,700

Get Free Boiler Repair Quotes from Local Gas Engineers in Seconds

Get Free Boiler Repair Quotes from Local Gas Engineers in Seconds

When the cost to repair a boiler for an oil boiler are higher than expected, paying the new boiler cost is often the financially sound decision. An installed price of a home replacement boiler will sit between £1,000 to £5,700, depending on a few factors. The table below shows a concise breakdown of home boiler replacement costs and our boiler cost quotes form allows you to compare prices from local tradesmen.

Gas & Oil New Boiler Cost
  Low Cost Average Cost High Cost
Cost £1,000-£1,750 £1,425-£2,300 £2,100-£5,700
Type* All All Regular/Combi
Max. Output Less than 24kW Up to 42kW Up to 70kW
Warranty 2 years 2 to 5 years 5 to 10 years
Fuel Gas Gas or Oil Gas or Oil
House size 1-2 bedrooms 2-3 bedrooms 3+ bedrooms
DMH Flow Rate** Less than 12 12 to 15 More than 15
  • *This boiler cost guide covers regular boilers, system boilers and combi boilers.
  • The types are explained below in the Boiler Cost Factors section.
  • **DHM (Domestic Hot Water) flow rate applies to Combi boilers only.

When repair estimates for an oil boiler are high, paying the new boiler cost is often the financially sound decision, even at an installed price of £1,000 to £3,900 or more.

This improvement costs page gives you complete boiler cost ranges and a detailed report of costs for each of the most common boiler types. The cost of the boiler and the cost of installation are separated in tables below, so you’ll see where your money is going.

Installed Cost: The costs in the table above include the boiler and professional installation. Only licensed installers such as Gas Safe or OFTEC registered engineers are certified to install most boiler types.

Installed Boiler Cost by Type

This table shows boiler cost by type of boiler. It’s followed by a brief explanation of each boiler type.

Type Boiler Cost Installation Total Cost
Ave. Installed Cost*
Combi £500-£2,975 £400-£675 £900-£3,650 £1,425
System £650-£1,475 £850-£1,400 £1,500-£2,875 £2,300
Regular** £675-£2,400 £1,000-£1,500 £1,675-£3,900 £2,450
  • *Average installed cost is for the most common boiler sizes under the most common installation circumstances including all installation materials.
  • **Regular boilers are also called standard, conventional and heat-only boilers.


  • Combi boilers: Today’s most popular boilers are combination boilers, commonly called combi boilers. The term means that the units produce hot water for radiant heating and for your domestic hot water use at faucets, showers, laundry and more. Combi boilers heat water directly from the mains, so no hot water storage cylinder or cold water tank are needed, in other words, it’s tankless. Installation is easy, so the cost is lower than for the other two types.
  • System boilers: The term “system boiler” means that essential components are built into the boiler that must be installed separately in a regular boiler system. Because of this, their cost is slightly higher, but installation is easier, so less costly than for traditional boilers. System boilers have the capacity to supply a large volume of hot water to multiple taps at once. They require a separate cylinder for hot water storage. But no tank for cold water is needed.
  • Regular boilers: Traditional, heat-only boilers are suitable as replacements for existing boilers where a hot water cylinder is separate from the boiler system. A cold-water storage tank is required.

Cost Comparison by Boiler Brand

This table includes many of the best boiler brands in the UK along with their cost ranges for the boiler only. Installation cost starts at about £400 for combi boilers and £1,000 for regular and system boilers.

Brand Fuel type Cost range
Alpha Gas £665 to £2,400
Baxi Gas £820 to $1,600
Glowworm Gas £770 to £1.685
Grant Gas, Oil £1,075 to £3,750
Ideal Gas £580 to £2,4675
Potterton Gas 775 to £1,075
Vaillant Gas £700 to £1,600
Viessman Gas £900 to £3,000+
Vokera Gas 525 to £1,460
Worcester Bosch Gas, Oil £700 to $2,550

Factors that Affect Boiler Cost

The price ranges are wide, and there are important reasons for the differences. Whether your final boiler cost is close to £1,000 or more than £4,000 will depend on these factors. They are listed in importance, from the largest factor affecting cost to the least.

  • Boiler size: The greater the volume of hot water the boiler can produce, the more it will cost. Smaller boilers are suitable for homes, apartments and flats with one or two bedrooms. The largest boilers can serve homes with four bathrooms or more.
  • Quality: Cheap boilers have warranties of just a few years. Average warranty length is five years. The very best boilers are covered for up to 10 years.
  • Efficiency: The more efficiently the boiler uses its fuel to create how water, the higher the cost will be. Condensing units are the most efficient. They are equipped to transfer heat from flue gases to preheat incoming water. This can increase efficiency by up to 10% when compared with non-condensing boilers.
  • Installation complexity: Boiler engineers determine estimates by how long they believe the boiler will take to install. Difficult installation locations, replacing a flue and changing pipe fittings are among the factors that raise installation cost. Combi boilers are the easiest to install, so total cost can be significantly lower. Installation cost includes disconnection, removal and disposal of the old boiler.
  • Boiler fuel: Oil boilers cost up to 15% more than gas boilers for the same capacity.

Planning Permission for a Boiler System

The engineer you engage to install your boiler will know whether the current Environmental Permitting Regulations (ERP) apply to the installation. If planning is required, expect the cost to be £50-£125 based on boiler type, size and installation details. Anyone installing a boiler must either be gas safe registered, or have their work signed off by a gas safe engineer.

Is Boiler Installation a Job you can Do Yourself?

As noted above, engineers must have the proper certification to install a gas (Gas Safe) or oil (OFTEC) boiler. This applies to removing the old boiler since it must be disconnected from the gas mains. There are many risks in boiler installation including gas leaks that may cause explosion or the leaking of carbon monoxide from the exhaust gases that may cause death. There is the risk of electric shock too.

Due to these considerations, professional installation of your boiler is your best option.

How Long Does it Take to Install a Boiler?

Here’s an overview of the time frame for each type:

  • Combi boilers: Up to 2 days.
  • System boiler: Up to 3 days.
  • Regular boiler: Up to 4 days.

The timeframes given are for direct replacement, meaning the existing gas mains, water mains and flue are used to install the new boiler. When those items or water storage tanks must also be installed, the installation might take the maximum number of days listed. If unforeseen installation problems cause delays, the time could be longer than listed above.

Get Free Boiler Repair Quotes from Local Gas Engineers in Seconds

Get Free Boiler Repair Quotes from Local Gas Engineers in Seconds

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