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Boiler Service Cost

UK boiler service cost is £65 – £130 based on a range of factors. Most customers pay £80-£95 for one-off boiler service.

An alternative to one-off boiler service is to take out boiler cover. The article discusses boiler cover below. Most plans cover the cost of boiler service.

Low Cost £0 – £80
Average Cost £80 – £95
High Cost £95 – £130

Get Free Boiler Repair Quotes from Local Gas Engineers in Seconds

Get Free Boiler Repair Quotes from Local Gas Engineers in Seconds

How Much Does a Boiler Service Cost?

The following table provides an overview of the average annual boiler service costs, including what the costs include, for the various regions of the country. Expect to pay somewhere between £80 and £130 for a gas boiler service, with variations mainly based upon the location in which you live.

Boiler Service Cost
Low Cost  Average Cost High Cost
Cost Range £0 – £80 £80 – £95 £95 – £130
Where You Live North or Outer Areas South, SW, Midlands London Area
Boiler Service Firm Size Small/Local Small or Large Small or Large
Boiler Cover Yes or No No No

This page includes:

  • Boiler Service Price Comparison
  • Cost Factors
  • What Is and Is Not Covered in Boiler Service
  • Boiler Service – How Often is Right?
  • Boiler Cover Options – What’s Included
  • Is it Worth the Money?
  • How to Arrange Boiler Service

Boiler Service Price Comparison

We’ve researched the boiler service cost from many leading providers such as British gas boiler service costs. Here are the companies and the starting cost of boiler service.

Boiler Service Costs by Brand
Starting Cost
Baxi £80
British Gas £85
EDF Energy £80
Homeserve £86
Worcester-Bosch £92
Broken Boiler £87
Rightio £82

Two notes:

1). Starting cost is the lowest cost – most customers pay more due to one of the cost factors listed next.

2). The price of boiler service, once per year, is included in most boiler cover plans.

Cost Factors

Your cost for boiler service will depend on these factors.

  • Where you Live: Like most everything, boiler service cost is highest in and around London. Costs are lower in the South and West Midlands and lowest in the North and Outer Areas. The same boiler serviced in London for £100 might be serviced for £70 in Manchester and £85 in Birmingham.
  • Who Services the Boiler: Large, national firms typically charge 15% to 40% more than local boiler service and repair companies. This is because many smaller firms are exempt from charging VAT.
  • Boiler Cover – Yes or No: If you have boiler cover, the cost of annual boiler service is likely included. Boiler cover cost ranges from £8.50 to £25 monthly, with annual costs from £95 to £240. Price is based on the age of your boiler, whether the boiler is in our out of warranty/guarantee, whether the entire central heating is covered or just the boiler and controls, and where you live.

Boiler service cost is about half the cost of boiler cover. If you’ve had boiler repair issues in the past or your boiler is 10+ years old, a boiler cover or maintenance plan might be cost-effective.

What Does and Doesn’t Boiler Service Cover

What’s not covered is a quicker answer – Boiler repairs are not part of one off boiler service. However, repairs will cost little or nothing if you have boiler cover.

Here is a boiler service checklist followed by most firms including Baxi. During the boiler service appointment, the gas engineer will:

  • Check gas pressure and flow, and correct if needed
  • Analyse flue gas to ensure the boiler is burning the right mix of air and gas
  • Make sure the vent flue isn’t blocked
  • Inspect gas and water pipeworks to look for leaks, corrosion or other problems
  • Test boiler controls and make necessary adjustments
  • Inspect the boiler body for signs of wear or age such as corrosion
  • Check electrical connections, seals and electrodes to clean them and make sure they are functioning properly
  • Test safety devices to make sure they are doing their job – namely to shut off the system if there is a gas or water leak or an over-abundance of pressure
  • Inspect, clean and serve the fan and fan motor to ensure safe, efficient operation
  • Inspect the condensate trap, cleaning and removing debris, to ensure that no blockage is hindering drainage

Boiler Service – How Often is Right?

Most experts recommend annual boiler service to make sure the system is operating safely and efficiently.

Is that just marketing? Is servicing the boiler every year necessary?

Surely it is partly marketing. However, carbon monoxide and gas leaks kill around 50 persons per year in the UK. Properly maintaining a boiler will reduce the number of deaths when leaks are caught early.

Secondly, and this might get your attention, most manufacturers require annual boiler service. If a homeowner fails in this regard – or doesn’t keep records of having boiler service – the manufacturer might deny warranty claims.

Finely, small repair issues are often caught during service, such as a minor water leak. Making the minor repair costs less than repairing significant water damage.

Boiler Cover Options – What’s Included

Most boiler cover plans included annual boiler service, as we’ve noted several times.

Companies like British Gas have several plans starting at under £10 per month and ranging to more than £20 monthly.

Monthly vs Annual: You have the option of paying monthly or saving a few pounds by paying all at once at the start of the plan.

Boiler Cover Excess – What it Is and What it Costs: In terms of cost, many also give you the option of paying Excess for each repair visit. Excess is the portion of the cost you pay. British Gas has plans with £0, £60 and £99 Excess. The more Excess you’re willing to pay, the lower the monthly or annual cost of cover.

For example, cover for just the boiler and controls is £2.99 monthly with £99 Excess, £14.00 monthly with £60 Excess and £20.50 monthly with £0 Excess.

Factors: Companies offering boiler cover want to know the type and brand boiler, what year it was installed (its age), and whether it is still in warranty. Like insurance of any kind, the provider will assess their risk in deciding boiler cover prices.

Is Boiler Cover Worth the Money?

No. At best, maybe. Let’s explain.

It’s clear that companies offering boiler cover make a profit at the price they are charging.

However, it comes down to your goals and needs. Are you the type that values keeping your kit in good condition? Then boiler cover is worth it. This is also true if the boiler isn’t that old but has already given you trouble or if a costly repair/replacement bill would devastate your budget.

On the other hand, if the cost of major boiler repairs or replacement will have little economic impact on you, then a plan might be something you can do without.

How to Arrange Boiler Service

You’ll get timely boiler service at a fair price if you follow these keys.

First, know what fuel type boiler you have, because different types of engineers service them. The firm will want to know this before they send out an engineer or plumber.

  • Gas engineers registered with Gas Safe service gas boilers
  • Engineers registered with OFTEC service oil boilers
  • Engineers registered with HETAS service coal and wood boilers

Not all engineers are certified to work on all boiler types. So to avoid confusion and a wasted trip to your home, let them know your boiler fuel type. They might also like to know brand, age and other details, so have them at the ready.

Secondly, if you want to find the lowest cost, get estimates from multiple companies. If they know that they are competing for your work, they will provide the lowest price they can.

Get Free Boiler Repair Quotes from Local Gas Engineers in Seconds

Get Free Boiler Repair Quotes from Local Gas Engineers in Seconds

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