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Driveway Cleaning Cost & Sealing Prices

How much does driveway cleaning and sealing cost near you? Professional driveway cleaning and driveway jetwashing services usually cost between £220 – £420 on average, with the type and size of driveway being the most common factors likely to affect the price of cleaning.
Low Cost £100 – £200
National Average Cost £220 – £420
High Cost £900 – £1200
Want your driveway cleaned professionally?

Driveway cleaning prices range from between £2.00 – £4.50 per square metre which will give an average cost of around £100 – £200 for a 50 sq.m tarmac driveway, depending on the variables, cost factors and details discussed in the remainder of this driveway cleaning cost guide.

Driveway Cleaning Prices & Costs
Low Cost Average Cost High Cost
Cost Range £100 – £200 £220 – £420 £900 – £1200
Driveway Size Small / Medium (50 – 100 sq.m.) Small / Medium (50 – 100 sq.m.) Large (150 sq.m.)
Driveway Type Tarmac / Concrete Tarmac / Concrete / Block Paving Block Paving
Stains No Yes Yes
Re-Sealing / Re-Sanding No No Yes
Water Meter No Yes Yes
Cost of Living Low Average High
DIY / Tradesman? DIY DIY / Tradesman Tradesman

How Much Does Driveway Cleaning Cost in the UK?

Driveway cleaning and sealing is one of those house cleaning jobs, which like gutter cleaning and chimney sweeping, is important to maintain the upkeep of your home and prevent further problems occurring over time. Power washing the driveway is important to prevent a build up of moss and weeds which can break up the base of the driveway, but also to maintain the curb appeal of your home, which is important if you’re considering moving house.

Driveway Cleaning Prices by Driveway Type

Below we have separated the cost of driveway cleaning into the main types which include tarmac, concrete and block paving. Cleaning prices are quoted per square metre and for the total cost for various driveway cleaning projects.

Driveway Cleaning Prices by Type and Size
Driveway Size Driveway Cleaning Only Cost Per Square Metre Total Cost
25m² Tarmac / Concrete £2.00 – £4.00 £50 – £100
50m² Tarmac / Concrete £2.00 – £4.00 £100 – £200
100m² Tarmac / Concrete £2.00 – £4.00 £200 – £400
150m² Tarmac / Concrete £2.00 – £4.00 £300 – £600
25m² Block Paving £2.5 – £4.50 £62.50 – £112.50
50m² Block Paving £2.5 – £4.50 £125.00 – £225
100m² Block Paving £2.5 – £4.50 £250 – £450
150m² Block Paving £2.5 – £4.50 £375 – £675

Other Driveway Cleaning Costs

There are additional tasks which you may need to consider when planning your driveway cleaning project, these additional tasks include oil stain removal, re-sanding and resealing and painting tarmac. Each of these additional driveway cleaning tasks will cost between £4.50 – £16.50 per square metre.

Driveway Sealing, Cleaning and Re-sanding Prices
Task Cost Per Square Metre
Block Paving – Cleaning, Re-sanding £4.50 – £6.50
Block Paving – Cleaning, Re-sanding & Sealing £6 – £8
Cleaning & Tarmac Paint £7 – £9
Oil Stain Treatment £14 – £16.50
Diesel Stain Removal £14 – £16.50
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Factors Affecting the Driveway Cleaning Cost

  • Driveway Size – How big is your driveway? As most driveway cleaning jobs will be quoted in square metres, the price you pay will be mainly affected by your driveway size. A small driveway is considered 50 – 100 sq.m., costing between £100 – £420. A large driveway is considered to be around 150 sq.m. and cost between £900 – £1200
  • Driveway Type – There are various types of driveways including tarmac, concrete, block paving and resin. A resin driveway requires different maintenance to a standard driveway and has therefore been excluded from this guide. In general, block paving is ever so slightly more expensive than a tarmac or concrete driveway, usually because there is more work involved with preparation and finishing with a block paved driveway compared to the other types. You can expect to pay between £0.50 – £1.00 more per sq.m. more for block paving compared with tarmac and concrete driveways. However, it’s also worth keeping in mind that most driveway cleaning companies will charge additional fees for re-sanding the block paving after the clean, which can cost anywhere up to an additional £4.50 – £6.50 per sq.m.
  • Moss / Weed Removal – Moss and weed removal is important to do before cleaning a driveway to give a more professional finish, plus it makes less mess during the cleaning process. Often, companies will charge up to £5.00 per sq.m for moss and weed removal, so it’s worth considering doing this yourself before getting cleaning quotes.
  • Just Cleaning – If you don’t want moss/weed removal, and you don’t need resealing or re-sanding (re-sanding is easy to do yourself – see below) then you can save up to £8.00 per sq.m, so it’s well worth considering a simple clean

  • Re-Sanding Block Paving – Driveway jet washing can remove much of the sand in between the bricks, therefore re-sanding is important to prevent the rapid growth of weeds following cleaning. Re-sealing a driveway can also help with weed regrowth, but also brings a fresh new look to the driveway.
  • Re-Sealing Tarmac / Concrete -Resealing a tarmac driveway will cost around £4.50 per sq.m, re-sanding a driveway will cost more and usually include sand at approximately £6 – £8.00 per sq.m.
  • Diesel / Oil Stain Removal -Diesel or oil stains on the driveway can be unsightly and extremely difficult to remove. The cost to remove oil stains from a driveway is between £14.50 – £16.50 per job. However, this usually only includes a single oil stain, multiple or more extensive stains may cost more to remove
  • Metered or Un-Metered Water – Most driveway cleaning contractors will use their own onboard tank to clean the drive and this will be factored into the price. However, check with them that they use an onboard tank and that they don’t intend to use your water. This is particularly important if you have a water metre in your home
  • DIY / Tradesman – DIY driveway cleaning is possible with a simple jet washer from Argos, Homebase or similar, however the finish you get may not be as good as a professional. However, keep in mind that you will usually pay around x 2 what it would cost you to do the job yourself.

Cost of Equipment and Supplies

  • Cost of Pressure Washer (DIY) – A jetwasher will cost between £100 and £800, with most people spending around £180 on a home pressure washer which they can use to clean the driveway. Whilst it may only cost this much to have a professional driveway clean, your jetwasher can be used over again and usually comes with different attachments which allow you to use it for window cleaning and car cleaning
  • Oil Stain Remover Solution – For the cost of paying a pro to clean an oil stain for you, you can buy a bottle of oil stain solution. They vary in effectiveness but cost between £7 – £20 per bottle.  1-2 bottles will usually cover a small driveway.

Time Needed to Complete the Driveway Clean

  • For a Tarmac Driveway – 4 – 10 hours
  • For a Block Paved Driveway – 5- 11 hours
  • For Re-Sanding / Re-Sealing – 2 – 3 hours
  • DIY vs Pro – No difference

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Get Free Cleaning Quotes from Local Companies in Seconds

Driveway Cleaning FAQ

Q. How much does it cost to jetwash a small driveway?

A. A small driveway is considered to be between 50 – 100 sq.m. The average cost to clean a small driveway is between £100 – £200 DIY or £200 – £420 for a professional clean. Resealing, re-sanding and oil stain removal may cost extra.

Q. How much does it cost to clean a large driveway?

A. A large driveway is considered to be between 100 – 150 sq.m. The average cost to clean a large driveway is between £900- £1200 for a professional clean.

Q. How much does it cost to remove oil stains from a driveway?

A. The average cost to removal driveway oil stains is between £14.50 – £16.50 per stain by a professional. Removing a stain from the driveway yourself costs the price of the stain remover, which is usually between £7 – £20 per bottle, with two bottles being the average required to cover a 40-80 sq.m. driveway.

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