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Gutter Cleaning Cost

The average gutter cleaning cost UK is £4.50 to £5.25 per linear metre, which works out at £60 – £65 for the average semi-detached home. If the gutter is extremely dirty, has plants growing in them, or the down pipes are blocked, the cost can increase to £7.00, or more, per linear metre. A full breakdown of costs along with cost factors are listed on this page.
Low Cost £47 – £52
Average Cost £60 – £65
High Cost £72 – £79
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How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

Following are the average gutter cleaning prices UK to clear guttering on different home types when gutters contain an average amount of debris:

Terrace Home:  £47 – £52
Semi-Detached Home:  £60 – £65
Detached Home:  £72 – £79

As noted, the average price to clean gutters is about £5.00 per linear metre. If the gutters are very dirty or other cost factors apply, then expect gutter cleaning cost to rise to £6.50 to £7.50 per metre.

This chart of gutter cleaning prices UK shows ranges based on home type and factors.

Gutter Cleaning Cost
Low Cost (DIY) Average Cost High Cost
Cost Range £50 – £100 £100-£300 £300-£550
DIY Labor Yes or No No No
Type of Home Terraced Semi-Detached Detached
Height of Home 1 Story 1 or 2 Story 2+ Story
Linear Meters Low Average High
Corners and Down Pipes Few Average Many
How Dirty or Clogged Light Light to Average Heavy
Scaffolding or Ground Ground Either Scaffolding
VAT or No VAT No Yes or No Yes
Where You Live North or Outer Areas South, SW, Midlands London Area
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Why is it Important to Clear the Gutters?

The gutters are designed to collect the rainwater and melting snow and carry it away from the home through the downspouts. A routine clearing of your gutters can help prevent damage to your roof, the exterior of your home, and the foundation of the home. Gutter clearing should be one of those bi-yearly or at least yearly house cleaning tasks you need to undertake to keep your home’s curb appeal.

Roof and Fascia Damage

Damage to your roof can occur when water cannot drain away therefore backing up under the shingles causing interior leaking. This can reduce the life of your roof and lead to you requiring roof replacement or repair sooner than usual.  When gutters overflow, water will saturate the fascia behind them, rotting them, allowing water to get into the walls of your home. Water leaking into the interior of your home can lead to a host of other problems including mould growth, drywall or plaster damage and electrical problems.

Siding and Window Damage

As the gutters overflow, the water will run down your siding potentially causing dark stains to develop. The water will also find its way under the siding possibly damaging the underlying wood, insulation and window frames.

Gutter Damage

When gutters are constantly filled with leaves and debris, the caulk and seals will begin to fail causing the joints to leak.  Weight in the gutters will cause them to loosen, sag, and possibly fall from the house.

Foundation Damage

When water overflows the guttering and runs down the side of your home, it will pool at the base of your home. As the water pools at the foundation, the soil around and under the foundation will soften, leading to foundation cracks and, eventually foundation failure.

Unattractive Appearance

A sagging or loose gutter or one with weeds growing in it creates an unsightly, neglected appearance.

Breeding Ground for Insects

There are enough insects about, aren’t there, without encouraging more?

Clogging the Soakway

Debris that has built up in the guttering can be flushed into the underground soakway causing a blockage. Digging out and replacing a soakway can be very expensive.

Gutter Cleaning Cost Factors to Consider

Following are some factors that can affect the cost of clearing your gutters – cleaning the exterior or making repairs will be extra:

  • Do It Yourself: Clearing the gutters yourself will save you money. The most difficult part will be gaining safe access to your gutters. Extensions to the home, narrow alleyways, and other obstacles make it difficult. If your home doesn’t allow for safe access, it would be best to use the services of a professional company.
  • Linear Metres: The more linear metres you have the more expense it will be.
  • Type of Home: The cost for a Terrace home will be less than the cost of a Semi-Detached or Detached home primarily because there will be more gutter, corners, and down pipes.
  • Corners and Down Pipes: Many corners and down pipes in need of clearing will add to the cost.
  • The Height of the Home: If you have a tall home, more than 2 stories, you can expect the cost to increase.
  • Amount of Debris: If the gutters have been cleared regularly and the amount of debris is light, the cost will be much less than if the gutters are clogged with leaves, sticks, moss and weeds. Clearing these gutters can be much more costly.
  • Ground or Scaffolding: If the gutters can be cleared from the ground, the cost will be less than if scaffolding hire is needed.
  • Who You Hire: Firms that specialize in gutter clearing are often less expensive than roofers or guttering companies. Before hiring someone, it is recommended that you get a gutter cleaning cost estimate from at least two or three contractors. Some have a gutter cleaning price list showing costs for gutters, down pipes, cleaning just the inside – or cleaning the outside too – and other factors.
  • Where You Live: Costs for gutter clearing can vary depending on where you live. In the North or Outer areas the costs will likely be lower, the South, Southwest, and Midlands are mid-range. You would expect to pay a higher price if your home is in London.
  • VAT or No VAT: Not only do smaller firms tend to be less expensive, they can often trade below the VAT registration threshold. That way you can keep from paying the 20% VAT on top of the cost of the job.

Helpful Gutter Cleaning Tips

  • Have your gutters cleared at least every 6 months. If you have overhanging tree branches, you may need to clear them 3 or 4 times yearly. This will likely save you money in the long run.
  • Get a receipt for your insurance company as some companies will now refuse to pay for water damage that is a result of clogged guttering. If you do not keep your gutters clear, the insurance companies can consider it negligence on your part and deny a claim.
  • If you have frequent clogging, consider having moss and lichen removed, overhanging branches cut back and even tree removal if required. This will reduce the amount of debris from washing into the gutters.
  • Try using a down pipe filter. These are inexpensive, fairly simple to install, and easy to remove for cleaning.
  • Install a gutter guard. These will keep larger twigs, leaves and other material from entering the gutters and reduce the frequent need for clearing, saving you money in the long run.
  • Replace broken or leaking gutters, if possible, rather than continually patching or sealing them. Sealants and glues can build up and cause clogs.
  • There are also high capacity guttering systems that can be worth considering, such as, Squareline guttering which holds 25% more water than semi-circular gutters. A “Deepflow” high capacity system can hold up to 50% more water. These systems will help prevent gutter overflow during heavy rains or when a minor blockage is present.

Time Schedule Required to Clean Gutters

Cleaning the guttering is a relatively easy job and with the right equipment it can be completed pretty swiftly. The average DIY job will take between 3-4 hours to complete but this will be affected by the tools you have, including ladders, and will depend largely on the complexity of the job. For a gutter cleaning tradesman, they will usually complete the average home in 1.5 – 2 hours.

  • DIY – Usually 3-4 hours, depending on complexity and available tools such as ladders, cleaning equipment
  • Pro – 1.5 – 2 hours
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DIY Gutter Cleaning or Hire a Tradesman?

Cleaning gutters isn’t exactly a tasking job and it simply involves removing dirt, debris and leaves from the guttering by hand to ensure water can flow freely where it’s supposed to. The video above from B & Q demonstrates gutter cleaning to be a relatively simple task. That being said, it’s simple if you’re happy to work on ladders at low and at high levels, which may people aren’t. We recommend at least getting quotes from up to 4 local tradesmen to compare prices and see what it would cost you. For the sake of £100 – £200 it may be worth paying someone once a year to do the job for you, then you need not worry.

Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning Costs FAQ?

Q. How often should I get my guttering cleaned professionally?

A. Its recommended that you clean your gutters at least twice a year, but if your home is surrounded by trees it might require further cleaning.

Q. How do I know if my gutters require cleaning?

A. Usually visible signs will start to appear, e.g. Rainwater spilling over the side of the gutters, there also maybe signs of grass or other plant growth in the gutters that can be seen from the ground.

Q. How much does gutter cleaning cost?

A. Gutter cleaning costs between £4.50 to £5.25 per linear metre, which works out at £60 – £65 for the average semi-detached home. This cost will usually decrease for a bungalow (depending on size) and increase for a detached home. It’s also worth noting that the higher the roof, the higher the price.

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