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Imprinted Concrete Driveway Cost

The pattern imprinted concrete driveway cost is $70 to $125 per m2 with an average of about $95 per m2. For a driveway 40-50 m2, you can expect these prices based on cost factors described below.
Low Cost £2,800 – £3,700
National Average Cost £3,800 – £4,800
High Cost £5,000 – £6,250
Compare Prices for an Imprinted Concrete Driveway

Pattern imprinted driveway cost for a typical 1 or 2 car driveway costs as little as £2,800 for a simple design and as much as £6,200. Total price range is £70 to £125 per m2, but neither extreme is common. Most estimates are right around £100 to £110 for imprinted concrete driveway cost.

If an old driveway is removed, which is difficult and time-consuming work, then your imprinted driveway cost will be closer to the upper end of £140 per m2, which will likely include the cost of skip hire unless the material is loaded directly into trucks to be removed.

Terminology: These driveways are called pattern imprinted driveways, imprinted concrete driveways, pattern imprinted concrete driveways (PIC) and coloured pattern imprinted concrete driveways (coloured PIC).

An Overview of Imprinted Concrete Driveways

Imprinted Stamped Concrete Driveway Designs

Do you have an old concrete or tarmac drive that needs replacing? Considering an upgrade to an imprinted concrete driveway? They’re a handsome replacement option and for installation where no driveway existed.

What is a pattern imprinted driveway?

It’s a drive made of poured concrete that has been coloured and then stamped, or imprinted, with a heavy pattern to give the surface the appearance of block paving, stone or other material.

  • Before the concrete is poured, any existing drywall is removed. The material from a gravel driveway can be reused as part of the necessary granular base layer.
  • Whether or not a driveway is removed, the bed for the new driveway must be compacted to eliminate or reduce the potential for sinking in the future that will cause the concrete to crack and settle into low spots.
  • Since an imprinted concrete driveway is impermeable, unlike a block paver driveway, a drainage channel and soakway must be included in the project.
  • The base material is then installed and compacted before a weed-proof membrane or barrier is laid on top.
  • The boundaries of the driveway are enclosed or shuttered to shape the concrete as it is poured.
  • Now the concrete is poured to a depth of about 100mm, and whilst it is still wet, colourant is applied to the surface, and the colour quickly works into the top layers of the material to provide a permanent tint.
  • Then, after the concrete has hardened slightly so that it will hold the stamped shape, it is stamped with your choice of design.
  • The final steps are to cut expansion channels into the concrete surface to give the sections room to expand a little in warm temperatures without cracking. Two coats of concrete sealer are applied within a few days to a few weeks to ensure the concrete is resistant to moisture and stains.

Other Driveway Options

You might also want to consider other types of driveways, including tarmac and resin driveways. The cost of a tarmac driveway ranges from about £50 to £60 per m2 when a complete driveway is installed, rather than an old tarmac resurfaced.

Resin driveway cost is higher than tarmac but less than pattern imprinted driveway cost, with an average price for resin of £70 per m2.

What Information Is Included Below?

The discussion informs readers what a pattern imprinted driveway is, factors affecting the price of a pattern imprinted driveway and more costing information to help you accurately estimate how much you’ll pay for this outdoor home improvement project.

Block paving Vs imprinted concrete, Which is Cheaper?

The price of a pattern imprinted driveway is 10% to 20% less than block paving mainly because they are installed more quickly, reducing labour cost. Maintenance costs are higher, since a concrete driveway must be sealed every few years. A benefit of a pattern imprinted driveway is that weeds won’t grow, as they do between blocks.

Where imprinted concrete driveway cost is slightly higher is in the drainage material and installation required. Since blocks are considered a permeable material, no extra drainage is required.

Imprinted concrete driveway costs – What can you expect to pay?

Imprinted driveway cost UK is based on the scope of the project.

  • Most affordable: £70 – £85 per m2. Projects in this range require less excavation and base materials added. In most cases, there is no existing driveway, or it is made of well-compacted gravel. About 20% of pattern imprinted driveways fall into this category.
  • Average: £90 – £100 per m2. About 50% of imprinted concrete driveways fall into this price tier. In many cases, an old tarmac or concrete driveway is removed, and the existing base is improved and compacted to form the base for the new driveway.
  • Most expensive: £115 – £125 per m2. Pattern imprinted driveway cost is highest when an old driveway in poor condition must be removed and significant modification done to the base. This typically involves removing most or all of the base and starting fresh with new materials.

How Much Does an Imprinted Concrete Driveway Cost?

Imprinted Driveway Material Costs

It would take a very motivated homeowner to install their own pattern imprinted driveway, but we’re not saying it hasn’t happened! By planning the project, hiring the equipment and ordering concrete, it can be done.

Most readers considering a pattern imprinted driveway are just interested to know where their money goes when hiring a driveway contractor. Here is the cost distribution for the price of a pattern imprinted driveway.

We start with materials. The labour costs are explained next.

The total cost for disposal of old material, if applicable, new base material and the concrete is about 50% of the job. Labour and VAT account for the rest.

An Overview of Printed Concrete Driveway Material Costs
Driveway Material Average Cost per meter Squared (m2)
Old Material Disposal £8 – £12
Sand and Stone £8 – £15
Concrete £16 – £27
Total £32 – £54

Pattern Imprinted Driveway Installation & Labour Costs

It takes a large crew and heavy equipment to remove and install a concrete driveway of any type.

PIC driveway installers consider the cost of their equipment and its maintenance, paying helpers, the cost of insurance, fuel prices and, of course, wages, when putting together imprinted concrete driveway cost estimates.

Oh, and they earn a fair profit too. Here is a breakdown of the costs.

Installation and Labour Costs
Labour Average Cost per meter Squared (m2)
Equipment Charges £10 – £12
VAT £13 – £16
Wages £10 – £15
Profit £4 – £8
Total £20 – £30
Compare Prices for adding a printed concrete driveway to your home

Driveway Prices by Driveway Size (Square Metres)

Imprinted Concrete Driveway Prices
Imprinted Concrete Driveway Prices

The cost to install an pattern imprinted driveway is highest for small jobs. Cost per m2 goes down as the size of the driveway grows. This is due to economies of scale – the equipment and crew are already on site, so some costs are spread over more area of driveway.

See the cost factors below for an explanation of these cost ranges.

Driveway Area Average Cost Range per meter Squared (m2)
40 m2 £100 – £125
60 m2 £90 – £115
100 m2 £75 – £105
150 m2 £70 – £100
Cost vary depending on the size of the driveway (e.g. material used, size of the driveway).

Plus, it is always possible that unforeseen costs might arise for driveways that slope dramatically or low spots or wet spots that must be filled prior to driveway installation. Removing trees, brush or other obstacles might also raise costs beyond these pattern imprinted driveway prices.

Compare Prices for an Imprinted Concrete Driveway

Factors Affecting the Cost of Imprinted Driveways

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Coloured PIC?

When you get free cost estimates for an imprinted concrete driveway, the tradesman will consider these factors.

  • Removing an Old Driveway – The equipment, labor and disposal cost for driveway removal accounts for up to 20% of any job, or £18-£25 per square metre.
  • Site Preparation Factors – The more excavating, filling and material required for the base is required, the higher the cost will be.
  • Site Conditions – As noted, filling low spots or wet areas and the removal of various obstacles such as trees or stumps will increase the price of a pattern imprinted driveway.
  • Kerb Dropping – When a first-time driveway is installed, and existing kerb will have to be cut. Dropping a kerb cost ranges from £400 to £750 for just this step.
  • Location – UK pattern imprinted driveway cost is higher in London and the surrounding area. And prices in the South are higher than in other areas of the country due to increases in labour and material costs.

Timescale for Installing a New/ Replacement Imprinted Driveway

Expect most imprinted concrete driveway installations to take 2-3 days.

  • Day 1 | An old driveway will be removed, if needed, and the bed for the driveway will be excavated.
  • Day 2 | The base layers will be installed and compacted. If there is time, the concrete will be poured, coloured and stamped.
  • Day 3 | If time doesn’t allow, the crew will return to finish the work on the third day, and the job site will be cleaned up.

Is Planning Permission Required for an Imprinted Driveway?

You’ll need planning permission for this project. According to 2008 government regulations, which are the most recently adopted, all driveways over 5 m2 require permission.

Talk with your coloured PIC driveway contractor about planning permission. The contractor will assist you in applying for and receiving the documentation needed.

Install Yourself? Or Get a Professional?

We recommend professional installation of a coloured imprinted concrete driveway. It takes heavy equipment that most homeowners do not have access to. To hire the equipment pushes the total cost about even with the cost of hiring an installer, especially when the additional time needed for DIY is considered.

Imprinted Driveway FAQ

Here are common questions we receive plus detailed answers.

Q. How much can you expect to pay for a concrete imprinted driveway?

A. If you’d like free, no-obligation estimates, most will fall in the range of £85 to £105 per m2. The cheapest cost is about $70; the most expensive jobs run to $125 per m2. Prices are highest in London and the South. Expect total costs of about £3,500 to £7,000 depending on driveway size and site factors.

Q. Is an imprinted concrete driveway slippery?

A. Under wet conditions, any concrete can be a little slick. However, the imprinting on the concrete reduces the potential for slips and falls.

Q. Does an imprinted concrete driveway crack?

A. Yes. All concrete cracks eventually. Expansion joints will be cut into the concrete to reduce cracking, but in time, small cracks will appear and have to be filled. Most of the cracks don’t significantly diminish the aesthetics of an imprinted concrete driveway.

Q. Block paving or imprinted concrete?

A. Most homeowners prefer the look of block paving. But it costs more and requires constant vigilance to keep weeds from growing in the cracks. Other pros and cons of block paving vs pattern imprinted concrete driveways are discussed above.

Q. How long does installation take?

A. It will take 2-3 days for a 50 m2 driveway. On the first day, an old driveway will be removed, if needed, and the bed for the driveway will be excavated.

On the second day, the base layers will be installed and compacted. If there is time, the concrete will be poured, coloured and stamped. If time doesn’t allow, the crew will return to finish the work on the third day.

Q. How long does it take for a pattern imprinted driveway to harden enough to drive on?

A. Most contractors ask you not to drive on the concrete for a week. The concrete won’t be fully cured, but it will support a care without damage.

Q. A public footpath crosses the area where the driveway will be installed. What should I do?

A. Get planning permission and guidance regarding the footpath. It might be your responsibility to tear out the footpath, install your driveway and add a new footpath. This is an easy step when installing a concrete drive.

Hiring a Professional Driveway Installer

It is important that this job be done correctly or you might have trouble with cracking, spalling of the concrete, low spots that hold water and become stained or drainage trouble. And if the stamping is poorly done, the driveway will look terrible.

In short, hire a contractor with proven experience installing coloured pattern imprinted driveways. One of the most convenient ways to get estimates from the best imprinted concrete driveway installers in your area is to use the Free Quotes option on this page. You will receive free estimates from licensed, insured contractors with a good reputation for workmanship and fair prices. There is no obligation.

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