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Kitchen Island Cost

The kitchen island cost will be between £200 – £2000 (max) for a portable or movable kitchen island, and £1,000 – £3,000 for a fixed kitchen island. However, the kitchen island cost can exceed £5,000+ for bespoke and custom island designs. Full details of costs by size of island and factors affecting costs are discussed below.
Low Cost £200 – £2000
National Average Cost £1,000 – £3,000
High Cost £5,000 – £20,000
Looking to add a beautiful kitchen island?

Updating a kitchen can be an exciting time and refreshing the home and adding your own stamp onto a room is always going to be fun and enjoyable, but it can also be costly.

The second biggest reason that people have a new kitchen installed, after the need to modernize through the replacement of cabinets or updating the kitchen work tops, is to make the kitchen space more usable and befitting to their needs. This will often include adding extra work space, additional seating or completely re-designing the kitchen layout to make it more suitable for their requirements. One way in which all of these things can be achieved is with the addition of a large portable or fixed kitchen island.

In this kitchen island price guide we will explore just how much a kitchen island costs to add when you’re in the process of refitting a kitchen.

How Much Does a Kitchen Island Cost?

The cost of a kitchen island will vary depending on many factors, all of which are discussed further down the page. We have outlined low, average and high costs for kitchen islands in the table below. Prices have been provided as costs you can expect to pay, as well as what you should expect to get for that price in terms of the type of worktop material and the in-built features or appliances.

Kitchen Island Cost
Low Cost Average Cost High Cost
Cost Range £200 – £2000 £1,000 – £3,000 £5,000 – £20,000
Kitchen Island Type Portable Fixed Fixed
Type of Worktop Wood / Laminate Wood / Laminate / Tile Granite / Quartz
Breakfast Bar Included No Yes No
Built in Seating No No Yes
Built in Electric Supply No Yes Yes
Built in Plumbing Supply No No Yes
Built in Gas Supply No No Yes
Tradesman or DIY Installation DIY Pro Pro
Additional Appliances No At and Additional Cost At and Additional Cost
Looking to add a beautiful kitchen island?

Kitchen Island Prices by Type of Island

There are two main types of kitchen island, the first is a movable island, which can also be known as a kitchen cart. The second type is a fully built-in or fixed kitchen island which is usually much larger and will undoubtedly be significantly more expensive to have installed, and due to the work involved is usually done as part of a new kitchen refit or total remodel. Both of types of island, along with the prices and a few island ideas are shown below.

Movable Kitchen Islands with Ideas

Portable, mobile, or movable kitchen islands, or kitchen carts, are a popular and more flexible alternative to a fixed kitchen island. This type of island can be purchased from stores such as IKEA or Amazon from popular brands such as SoBuy, a few of the available ones are shown in the table below. On average, a movable kitchen island will cost between £200 – £900 each, with the majority costing in the range of £200 – £300. However, there are much larger ones available from stores such as Wayfair for prices in excess of £1500 and as much as £2000. These however, are an exception rather than the rule as far as movable kitchen islands are concerned and most people looking for a movable island will be looking to spend in the sub-£500 range rather than in excess of £1000, where you’re in the realm of fixed kitchen islands.

Movable kitchen islands often require some kind of self assembly and usually have some rolling casters which allow it to be rolled into position and moved around as required. This type of island is great to add extra storage or worktop preparation space. These are often supplied with drawers, shelving or cupboard space.

Below we have included the cost of movable kitchen islands, broken down into sizes. The most commonly purchased movable islands are usually small or medium in size.

Movable Kitchen Island Cost
Size of Kitchen Island Small Medium Large
Expect to Pay £200 – £400 £400 – £900 £900 – £2000

Features of a Small Movable Kitchen Island – £200 – £400

  • Size – Small in overall size (Usually 60 – 100 cm wide x 45 – 60 cm deep)
  • Material – Made from cheap wood, wood veneer or chipboard
  • Features – Open shelving, single or double cupboard with a single or double top drawer, casters for feet
  • Worktop – Inexpensive wood or veneer
  • Additional Features – None

Features of a Medium Movable Kitchen Island – £400 – £900

  • Size – Small in overall size (Usually 140 – 150 cm wide x 65 – 80 cm deep)
  • Material – Made from engineered hardwood or solid oak
  • Features – Open shelving, single or double cupboard with a double or triple drawers, solid feet without casters
  • Worktop – Wood or solid granite insert
  • Additional Features – Wine rack

Features of a Medium Movable Kitchen Island – £900 – £2000

  • Size – Small in overall size (Usually 150 cm + wide x 80 cm + deep)
  • Material – Made from engineered hardwood or solid oak
  • Features – Open shelving, single or double cupboard with a triple or quadruple drawers
  • Worktop – Wood or solid granite
  • Additional Features – Knife slot, spice rack, towel hanger, wine rack

The following table provides an overview of some popular movable kitchen islands from Amazon, IKEA and Wayfair. These are the most popular sellers of self assembly, movable kitchen islands.

Portable / Movable Kitchen Island and Cart Example Costs
Kitchen Island Store / Brand Price Range
SoBuy Portable Movable Kitchen Island Amazon / SoBuy £280 – £300
SoBuy Portable Movable Kitchen Island Amazon / SoBuy £250 – £290
Ikea £299 – £350
Ikea Movable Kitchen cart Ikea £250 – £270
Blue Kitchen Island The Furniture Market £799
Wayfair portable kitchen island Wayfair £850 – £900

Fixed Kitchen Islands with Ideas

In comparison to movable / portable kitchen carts or islands, a fixed kitchen island is often custom made to meet the needs of the client and includes your choice of:

  • Cabinet size, type and finish
  • Worktop size, type, finish and shape
  • Features such as seating, lighting or built in appliances (hob, fridge, freezer, cooker, sink, dishwasher etc) and plumbing

Because of the custom nature of fixed kitchen islands, the costs can run up into the thousands. The average cost of a fixed kitchen island will be between £1000 – £3000 for a basic small to medium island, and £5000 – £2000 for a larger island with more features such as built-in appliances and in-built seating. The tables below give a breakdown of costs for kitchen islands and associated features. For a basic kitchen island you can expect to get some cupboard space, a worktop and some breakfast seating.

Fixed Kitchen Island Prices
Type of Fixed KitchenIsland Price  Range
Kitchen Island with no E, G or P £1000 – £1500
Kitchen Island with E £1500 – £3000
Kitchen Island with E & P £3000 – £5000
Kitchen Island with E, G & P £5000+
E = Electricity, P = Plumbing, G = Gas

The table below provides an overview of the likely cost for additions and extras.

Kitchen Island Costs for Extra Features
Extra Item Cost
Built-in Seating £1000 – £2000
Hob £130 – £500
Fridge / Wine Fridge / Freezer £200 – £900
Dishwasher £250 – £900
Extractor Fan £250 – £500
Sink £150 – £850
Lighting £500 – £1500

Kitchen Island Installation Costs

Movable kitchen islands don’t cost anything to install as they are portable they can be placed in the kitchen to suit your needs.

Fixed kitchen island installation costs are factored into the cost of the kitchen island design. On average you can expect to pay 25-40% of the total cost in labour. Therefore, for an island which costs you £2000, between £250 – £400 will be for the cost of installation. It’s worth noting (with factors affecting costs discussed below) that the installation cost will increase where certified labour is required, such as from a qualified electrician, gas engineer or plumber.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Kitchen Island

As we have demonstrated above, movable kitchen islands or kitchen carts are a fixed price, whereby you know exactly what you’re paying, the cost of fixed kitchen islands can vary much more significantly depending on a wide variety of factors.

  • Kitchen Island Size – The size of the kitchen island is one of the most significant cost factors, this is true for both fixed and movable kitchen islands. You can expect to pay £200 – £500 for a small movable kitchen island, whereas costs can increase to £900 for a medium or as much as £2000 for much larger, higher quality examples. Fixed kitchen islands will cost more the larger they are
  • Type of Kitchen Island – In general, movable kitchen islands will be cheaper than fixed kitchen islands. Of course, this also depends on the size of the island you buy, as a very large and high quality movable island can be more expensive than small budget fixed island
  • Worktop Material – The cost of kitchen worktops can vary greatly depending on the material. Movable islands with solid wood and granite inserts sit more in the £500 – £900+ range. The same is true for fixed kitchen islands, where a laminate worktop will usually cost between £55 – £100 per sq.m fitted, a granite worktop will cost anything up to £650 per sq.m for made to measure, fitted example. You can save money by choosing a different material for your kitchen island worktops which is cheaper than the main worktops. If you choose wisely, this can add a nice contrasting style to the overall look of the kitchen, whilst still saving you money overall
  • Supply of Gas, Electric or Water – If you want to add appliances or a sink to your kitchen island then you can expect to add between 20 – 40% to the total cost to add a supply of gas, electric or drainage. Therefore, it’s worth very carefully considering whether you want that hob, sink, fridge, dishwasher or wine fridge built into the island or can you place it somewhere else in the kitchen
  • Additional Appliances – Many people will choose to add a hob, a sink, a dishwasher or other appliance to the kitchen island. As discussed above, this will add extra in terms of paying for the electric, gas or drainage to be adjusted to accommodate this but also you will have to pay for the appliances themselves. We recommend sourcing appliances yourself rather than buying directly from the kitchen company, you will always pay a premium by buying appliances as part of the whole package
  • Built in Seating – Kitchen islands are a great way of adding extra space and functionality to your kitchen, this is certainly true with the addition of seating around the island. However, kitchen island seating can cost as much as £1000 – £1500 extra on top of your standard island design
  • Tradesman or DIY – Movable kitchen islands are obviously a DIY job and don’t require a professional to install, however if you are looking for something a little more custom and tailored to your needs then a custom fixed kitchen island is what you need. This will usually mean the help of a qualified kitchen tradesman to install it for you. Kitchen island installation will usually make up around 20-40% of the total price.

Kitchen Island Installation Time Schedule

Each kitchen island will be slightly different depending on the complexity of the project, however in general the following time schedule for kitchen island installation will apply. The average time to install a kitchen island is between 3.5 and 6.5 days, depending on the size of the island, requirement for install of utilities and additional appliances.

  • Kitchen Island Design: 1-2 hours
  • Ordering of Kitchen Items: 3-4 weeks from the time of placing an order
  • Site Preparation: 1 day
  • Installation of Electrics / Gas / Plumbing: 1-2 days
  • Kitchen Island Cabinet Install: 1-2 days
  • Kitchen Island Worktop Install: 1-2 days
  • Finishing: 0.5 days

Is Planning Permission Required for a Kitchen Island

There is no planning permission required to install a kitchen island. However, if your kitchen island requires a gas, electricity or water supply then you will require the help of a qualified electrician, plumber or gas safe engineer. It’s also likely, depending on the work undertaken, that you will require a signoff certificate for the work from the aforementioned tradesman. Gas works and electrical certificates can cost as much as £150 per sign off and is worth factoring in to your costs.

Install Yourself? Or Get a Professional?

A movable kitchen island is one to install yourself, just choose what you want online, buy it and place it in the location you want it. A fixed kitchen island is a different story. If you have some DIY experience it is possible to build a basic kitchen island yourself, which consists of cabinets and a worktop that requires minimal cutting and shaping. However, if you’re looking for something more special and custom to meet your needs then we recommend getting the help of a professional kitchen fitter.

Looking to add a beautiful kitchen island?

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