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Artificial Grass Cost

The average cost of artificial grass, supply and fitted, is £77 per m2, with high costs up to £105 per m2 and low costs as little as £48 m2.
Low Cost £48 – £64 per m2
Average Cost £65 – £85 per m2
High Cost £86-£105 per m2

Get Free Lawn Turf & Artificial Grass Quotes from Local Companies

Get Free Lawn Turf & Artificial Grass Quotes from Local Companies

How much does it cost to have fake artificial grass installed? The average cost of artificial grass, supply and fitted, is £77 per m2. Depending on the quality of the turf you choose and installation details, your artificial turf cost will be as low as £48 per m2 or as high as £105 m2.

Cost of Artificial Grass

  • Average cost: £77 per m2
  • Low cost: £48 per m2
  • High cost: £105 per m2

This table shows cost ranges and the factors involved. It will help you accurately estimate your artificial grass price for the complete job.

The factors are explained in detail below. We’ve worked up sample bids too for various sized artificial lawns.

Fake / Artificial Grass Cost
Low Cost Average Cost High Cost
Cost Range £48 – £64 per m2 £65 – £85 per m2 £86-£105 per m2
Grass Quality Poor to Average Average to High High
Groundwork’s Little Average to Extensive Extensive
Underlay No No or Yes Yes
Fitting Difficulty Easy Average Complex
Lawn Size Large Average to Large

Artificial Grass Cost Factors

Artificial grass, also called artificial turf, fake grass, synthetic grass, artificial lawn and AstroTurf, comes in a wide range of costs and prices. Here are the factors and what they mean.

  • Grass Quality – You can find cheap artificial grass for less than £10 per square metre if you’re looking for a cosmetic fix for the garden rather than something durable. Artificial turf with higher quality has a strong polyurethane backing that won’t shrink and substantial infilling that will stand up to heavy use and pets. Better artificial turf prices are £22-£35 per m2.
  • Groundwork’s – How much excavating must be done before the grass is fitted is a significant artificial grass cost factor. If the area is properly graded bare dirt after a home’s been constructed, little work will be needed. When heavy turn, shrubs, ridges and ruts must be removed or levelled, more excavation and higher costs are the result.
  • Underlay – Padding underlay costs £8-£12 per m2. It softens the turf. It can be installed throughout the garden or just around swing sets, plays-capes and similar equipment.
  • Fitting Difficulty – The artificial grass installation labour cost range is about £20-£35 per m2 based on how complex the job is. A rectangular garden with no obstacles is the easiest to fit, so labour cost will be low. Odd-shaped gardens, those with lots of trees, a patio or conservatory to trim around and other obstacles produce a higher fitting cost.
  • Lawn Size – The larger your lawn is, the lower the labour cost per square metre will be. You might also get a lower price on the grass when buying a large quantity.

If you’re looking at artificial grass then it may be worth looking at integrating this into a bigger rennovation job and looking at the entire garden landscaping cost, since artificial lawn requires the removal of soil and a lot of mess, integration into garden landscaping makes sense. 

Sample Jobs and Costs

This table shows costs and factors in the low, average and high ranges.

Lawn Size Grass Cost Groundwork Job Difficulty Underlayment Cost/m2 Total Cost
20 m2 £30-£35 per m2 Heavy Difficult Yes £100 per m2 £2,000
40 m2 £22-£30 per m2 Moderate Moderate Partial £75 per m2 £3,000
60 m2 £12-£22 per m2 Light Easy None £55 per m2 £3,300

Steps to Fitting Artificial Grass

You might be wondering why the artificial turf fitting costs are £20-£35 per m2. It’s a labour-intensive process.

  1. Remove existing turf and any shrubs and trees that aren’t wanted.
  2. Fill in low areas and flatten humps and ridges
  3. Build timber frames around the area to be covered in grass
  4. Pour sand as a base for the artificial grass
  5. Fit underlay (optional)
  6. Fit the artificial grass inside the frames and seal the edges

Depending on the quality of the fake grass you choose, the labour cost can be higher than the supply of the turf.

Planning Permission & Permitting Requirements

No permitting is needed to install artificial grass.

However, it is important to know what is beneath the turf you’re tearing out. Your installation contractor should have access to data about underground assets so they can be avoided. This is a good reason to have your artificial turf installed professionally rather than doing it yourself.

Is Artificial Grass Installation a DIY Job?

You can save about half the cost of artificial grass if you install it yourself.

However, most homeowners don’t have the equipment needed to quickly remove turf, and it’s a slow and difficult job doing it by hand. The same is true for levelling the ground, shovelling in base sand and fitting the artificial grass.

While it can be a DIY job, we don’t recommend it. If you want results that look professional, hire an artificial grass contractor to complete the work.

Time Schedule

Here’s a typical schedule for installing 40 m2 of artificial grass.

  • 1 Day: Remove the old turf and complete groundwork
  • 1-2 Days: Build frames, pour base sand
  • 1-2 Days: Install underlay, if desired
  • 2-3 Days: Install artificial grass and seal the edges

Frequently Asked Questions for Artificial Grass?

  • Q. How much is artificial grass?
  • Ans. The cost of artificial grass will vary based on factors such as the quality of the lawn, the quality of the ground you’re fitting it onto and the ground works required and the size of the area. However, as a guide the average cost of artificial grass, supply and fitted, is £77 per m2.
  • Q. How to clean artificial grass?
  • Ans. “Cleaning artificial grass is easy but the method you use does really depend on what you’re trying to remove from it. To remove any loose debris, such as leaves or branches which have collected in the autumn then just use a flexible rake or a bass broom, without steel bristles so you don’t damage the grass.If its more spills of fluid or stains you’re trying to get rid of them simply rinsing them away with water is the first choice. The key is to ensure that you remove any spills as soon as they happen.”

Get Free Lawn Turf & Artificial Grass Quotes from Local Companies

Get Free Lawn Turf & Artificial Grass Quotes from Local Companies

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