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Garden Lawn Turf Cost

The cost of lawn turf is between £375 – £525 for a medium size (75 Square Metres (m²) garden, laid with hard wearing turf. Costs can be affected by the quality of lawn turf chosen, as well as the size of the garden. A full list of cost factors are discussed further down this page.

Budget Turf £150 – £300
Hard Wearing / Medium Quality Turf £375 – £525
Premium Turf £600 – £675

Get Free Lawn Turf & Artificial Grass Quotes from Local Companies

Get Free Lawn Turf & Artificial Grass Quotes from Local Companies

Laying new turf in a garden is a common task which forms part of many a garden landscaping project, and is therefore important to factor in when considering the cost of landscaping a garden. However, laying new garden turf can be fraught with problems, how do you choose the right turf? Where do you buy your turf from to guarantee quality? How much turf do you need? What is the difference between real turf vs artificial turf? These are all common and important questions asked by consumers when they are looking to buy turf for their garden, however one of the most common questions asked is “how much does garden lawn turf cost and what is the cost of laying new turf? 

In this guide, we aim to provide you with a full and comprehensive overview of all of the costs involved in new lawn tuft, including labor prices and factors likely to affect the cost of a re-turfing job. We also give you an idea of the benefits and pitfalls of choosing artificial grass over real grass. 

How Much Does Garden Lawn Turf Cost?

Firstly then, how much does it cost to lay turf in a garden? The average cost to lay turf will be between £145 – £900, with the overall cost being affected mainly by the quality of turf supplied and the size of your garden in square metres, additional cost factors are discussed below. For a small garden (10-25 square metres) it will cost between £375 – £400. For a medium garden (25-75 square metres) it will cost between £550 – £725. For a large garden (75-100 square metres) it will cost between £800 – £900. These prices are inclusive of labour and the supply of mid-quality hard wearing turf, but do not include things such as additional top soil, tree stump removal or skip hire

The following table provides a breakdown showing the cost of laying turf for extra-small, small, medium and large gardens, with labour costs, supply costs and time to complete the work included. 

Garden Lawn Turf Cost by Garden Size
Garden Size Average Turf Cost Turf Labour Cost Labour Time
Extra Small (under 10 square metre) £20 – £30 £125 – £150 4-8 Hours
Small (10-25 square metre) £75 – £100 £250 – £300 1-2 Days
Medium (25-75 square metre) £150 – £225 £400 – £500 2 Days
Large (75-100 square metre) £250 – £300 £550 – £600 2-3 Days

The average sized garden is usually medium, which gives a size of 25-75 square metres. 

Garden Lawn Turf Costs

The following table provides an overview of the garden turf cost by quality of turf. This article relating to quality of turf provides a general overview of the qualities of turf available and what each quality means in reality. 

Turf Type Description Average Cost
Budget Lawn Turf Low grade – often contains mixed rye grasses £2-£4
Hard Wearing Turf Hard wearing and good for areas where high foot traffic is likely £5-£7
Premium Lawn Turf High quality, hard wearing and fine in appearance £8-£9

The table below gives an overview of garden lawn projects by garden size, with prices shown for extra small, small, medium and large gardens, with turf costs per sq. metre.

Garden Size Avg. Cost Per Square Metre (m²) Extra Small Garden Small Medium Large
    10 Square Metres (m²) 25 Square Metres (m²) 75 Square Metres (m²) 100 Square Metres (m²)
Budget Lawn Turf £2 – £4 £20 – £40 £50 – £100 £150 – £300 £200 – £400
Hard Wearing Turf £5 – £7 £50 – £70 £125 – £175 £375 – £525 £500 – £700
Premium Lawn Turf £8 – £9 £80 – £90 £200 – £225 £600 – £675 £800 – £900

Re-Turfing Cost Factors Affecting the Cost of Laying Turf

Turf cost and the cost of laying the turf will depend on various factors which you will need to think about when obtaining quotes for the job. These include the following:

  • Quality of the Turf – The quality of the turf is one of the biggest cost factors. Turf is generally available in 3 types; budget, hard wearing and premium turf. In general, budget turf will cost between £2 and £4 per square metre, whereas the top end premium turf will cost between £8 and £9 per square metre. With hard wearing and premium turf you can expect a more premium look and finish, with a better surface for areas with higher foot fall. However, for the average medium sized garden (75 square metres) the cost of budget turf would be £225 compared with a premium equivalent of £600, excluding the cost of labour. With this price difference you do need to think very carefully about which type is right for you
  • Garden Access – How easy is your garden to access? Are there many steps? Is there side access? Will materials and turf need to be brought through the house or taken over a wall or fence? These are all factors to consider which are likely to increase the price of any quote you receive
  • Size of the Garden – How big is your garden. In general, most contractors will quote for turf laying jobs in square metres. Therefore, we always recommend you measure the size of your garden before you request quotes, so that you can have an accurate idea in your head of what the size is that’s being quoted for. Obviously the larger the garden, the more materials and labour will be required and the job will cost more
  • Shape of the Garden / Lawn Area – Gardens which are a simple shape such as a square will be cheaper to re-turf. When the garden has many irregularities, curves or nooks then the price is likely to increase. This is because there will be more work involved in shaping and cutting the turf, and often there will be more waste which needs to be accounted for when the number of turf rolls is calculated
  • Existing Turf Removal – Existing turf removal is hard if you don’t have the right tools. It’s important that the turf is removed correctly to provide the best area possible on which the new turf can be laid. A petrol turf removal tool can be hired from most good DIY stores for between £40 – £50 per day should you wish to do this yourself. However, keep in mind that if you don’t do the job well enough then contractors may charge for additional ground work preparation they have to do before laying new grass
  • Installation of New Top Soil – You don’t always have to have new top soil laid down, it really depends on the quality of the ground underneath the existing turf. Top soil will cost between £75 – £100 per ton and you will need to have a depth of around 100-150mm for new turf to grow. A medium sized garden will usually required around 2-3 tons to achieve this depth. A top soil depth calculator can be found here
  • Ground Preparation – Is the ground flat or undulating? Is the ground of good quality or will new soil be needed? Ground preparation can be as simple as removal of old turf and leveling out of the current ground, to full excavation and re-shaping of the existing ground if you’re having landscaping done. The more ground work that needs doing the more you’ll be charged in labour and additional tool hire, including items like mini-diggers, ground drills and skips
  • House Location – Where you live in the country will affect the cost. It’s estimated that people in the London area will pay between 20-40% more in labor and supplies, compared with someone who lives in the north of England. 

Additional Costs to Consider When Turfing a Lawn

The cost factors above are important, however there may be additional costs on top which you will need to account for:

  • Top Soil – Top soil will usually be required if you’ve had significant re-shaping of the ground or if the ground quality isn’t good enough to allow the new lawn turf to grow. Top soil can be purchased in large 1 ton bags or single sacks of 25kg. The average cost of top soil is between £75 – £100 per ton
  • Skip Hire – If there is significant ground works or removal of old turf required then some contractors will take this away in their own open back trucks, but some will require the use of a skip. The cost of skip hire can be around £110 for a mini skip, up to £400 for a large builders skip
  • Artificial Grass – Choosing artificial (astro-turf) over real turf can be a costly choice. The cost of artificial grass can be as much as £35 per square metre, which is significantly more expensive than turf. 

Planning Permission Details & Costs

For the majority of garden landscaping projects you will not require planning permission, this includes the laying of new garden lawn turf or the laying of artificial grass. However, if a contractor is going to be using a turf removal tool and going ground works preparation then it’s worth knowing if there are any supervision pipes, power lines or underground objects which they are likely to come into contact with or cause damage to.

Time Schedules Involved in Laying Garden Turf

The time schedule for laying a new lawn will depend on a few factors including the size of the garden, the shape of the garden, garden access, ground quality and the weather, however the following breakdown provides you with an overview of the likely timescale for laying new turf in your garden. 

Time Schedule for a Extra-Small Garden 

  • 0.5 day: Ground works including removal of existing turf, with installation and leveling of new / existing topsoil
  • 0.5 days: Laying out and watering in of lawn turf
  • Total: 1 day

Time Schedule for a Small Garden 

  • 0.5 – 1 day: Removal of existing turf, with installation and leveling of new / existing topsoil as part of general ground works
  • 0.5 – 1 day: Rolling out and watering in of new lawn turf
  • Total: 1-2 days

Time Schedule for a Medium Garden 

  • 1 day: Ground works including removal of existing turf, with installation and leveling of new / existing topsoil
  • 1 day: Rolling out and watering in of new lawn turf
  • Total: 2 days

Time Schedule for a Large Garden 

  • 1 day: Ground works including removal of existing turf, with installation and leveling of new / existing topsoil
  • 1 – 2 days: Rolling out and watering in of new lawn turf
  • Total: 2-3 days

Get Free Lawn Turf & Artificial Grass Quotes from Local Companies

Get Free Lawn Turf & Artificial Grass Quotes from Local Companies

Garden Lawn Turf FAQ

Here are common questions about Garden Lawn turf in your home..

Q. When is best time of year to lay new turf?

A. New Turf can be laid all round. But we would suggest avoiding very hot, dry weather or Frosty weather conditions..

Q. How often should my new lawn be watered?

A. Your new lawn would need to be watered every day and sometimes more than once a day to keep soil moist & damp after it is laid for the first couple of weeks.

Q. How soon after laying turf can I mow my lawn?

A. Most often people will allow the grass to grow to a reasonable length before its first mowing. We normally advise to avoid mowing for the first 2-3 weeks to allow the new turf to become more stable and established.

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