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How Much Does it Cost to Paint Exterior of House

The cost to paint exterior of house UK is  £675 to £1,250 considering the size and type of the house, number of storeys, how many coats are applied and whether minor repairs and preparations must first be made to the wall. The national average right around £975 for a semi-detached 3 bedroom home. Sample project costs for various home types and sizes are in a Table below.
Low Cost £675 – £925
National Average Cost £800 – £1,050
High Cost £975 – £1,250
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The best time to paint the exterior of a house UK is when fair weather allows the paint to dry quickly, so summer is ideal. This is especially true if more than one coat is to be applied, such as to newly constructed or rendered exterior walls or when a dark colour is being applied or covered.

Since the season for house painting is short, you might want to contact paint contractors months ahead to be sure you get on an experienced contractor’s schedule between late spring and early autumn. Conversely, painting the interior of a house can be done all year round, even in the winter.

How Much to Paint Exterior of House?

How Much to Paint Exterior of a House

The average cost to paint a house exterior is £925, though cost can be lower or higher based on cost factors such as the size of the house. All factors are discussed below and will assist you in narrowing your cost estimate.

In addition, this guide to exterior house painting cost covers total cost, a list of costs for materials and labour, a typical timescale for house painting, DIY or pro painting and finally FAQs to cover related topics.

Before we get into details, here is an overview Table of Exterior House Painting Prices

Paint Exterior of a House Costs & Prices
Low Cost Average Cost High Cost
Cost Range £675 – £925 £800 – £1,050 £975 – £1,250
DIY No No No
Storeys 1 or 2 2 2+
Scaffolding Yes or No Yes Yes
Type Terraced or Semi-detached Semi-detached or Detached Semi-detached or Detached
Surface Smooth or Textured Smooth or Textured Textured
Coats of Paint 1 or 2 2 2

Exterior House Painting Cost Factors

These cost factors go a long way toward answering the question – How much to paint a house exterior UK? Here they are with the amount of weight they have in factoring exterior house painting price.

Labour Cost The split between labour and materials is about 60% or 70% for labour and the remainder for paint and other supplies. Using the national average exterior house painting cost of £925, you can save around £550 to £675 painting your own home. Consider the cost of taking time away from work to do it, if that would be a factor.

House Size and Type Obviously, a terraced 2-bedroom house with just 2 sides to paint will cost much less than a detached 4-bedroom. See the sample Cost Table below for homes of various types and sizes.

Preparation Work Most contractors will include cleaning the home’s exterior and making minor repairs, if either are necessary, in their exterior painting quotation. If major preparation or repair is required, the work is usually a separate cost billed by the hour at rates of £20 to $£30 per hour.

Number of Coats A home that’s been well looked after, regularly painting with light colours, might require just one coat. This is especially the case when quality emulsion paint is used. When two coats are required for new rendering, for example which is more absorbent, or to cover or apply darker colours, two coats are recommended. Cost rises accordingly.

Wall Surface Pebble-dash walls, or those with any texture, require up to 40% more paint and labor than smooth walls, increasing the total house painting price.

Whether Scaffolding is Used On two-storey homes, scaffolding must often be used to reach the upper storey. This will increase cost by £350-£600 depending on how long the job takes.

Exterior House Painting Costs & Prices

Exterior House Painting Costs & Prices

The cost to paint a house exterior UK is  £675 to £1,250 considering the size and type of the house, number of storeys, how many coats are applied and whether minor repairs and preparations must first be made to the wall. The national average is right around £975 for a semi-detached 3 bedroom home. Sample project costs for various home types and sizes are in a Table below.

Timescale for house painting is included, but also discussed in detail in  a later section.

Below the table are costs for materials and supplies you can use to estimate DIY costs.

Exterior House Painting Costs & Prices By Type and Size
House Type Wall Type Cost Range Timescale
Terraced Smooth £675 – £800 3-5 Days
Semi-detached Smooth £775 – £950 4-6 Days
Detached Smooth £900 – £1,100 5-6 Days
Terraced Textured £850 – £1,050 4-5 Days
Semi-detached Textured £975 – £1,150 6-7 Days
Detached Textured £1,125 – £1,250 7-8 Days

If you plan to paint your own home, here are supply only costs you can expect for paint and other materials needed to complete the job. Hiring scaffolding is optional on 2-storey homes, but should be strongly considered for safety.

Exterior House Painting Material Costs & Prices
Material Unit Cost Total Cost
Fungicide/Cleaner £10 – £15 per bottle £20 – £30
Cement Repair £20 per hour £0 – £100 for most houses
Stabiliser £3 – £5 per litre £4 – £25
Exterior Paint  £10 – £15 per litre £300 – £675 (30-45 litres)
Tubs, Rollers & Brushes £20 – £30 £20 – £30
Scaffolding Hire (2-storey) £500 – £850 £500 – £850 (up to 1 week)
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Timescale for a Painting the Exterior of a House

How long does it take to paint a house exterior? Terraced homes require 3-5 days for preparation and painting. Large, detached homes sometimes take up to 8 days of labour over a couple weeks.

Of course, how long it takes depends on house size, number of stories, prep work involved and type of wall surface – many of the same factors involved in house painting cost, since the majority of the cost is labour rather than paint and supplies.

Here is what you can expect for the timescale. Not all steps apply to all exterior house painting jobs.

  • Day 1 | Scaffolding arrival and construction, if needed
  • Days 1-2 | Cement repair, if needed
  • Days 2-5 | First coat of paint, depending on house size and what prep work had to be done
  • Days 5-8 | Second coat of paint, site cleanup and completion

Can I Paint the Exterior of the House Myself?

Paint the Exterior of the House Myself

Of course you can paint your own home, and you’ll save half or more of the total cost your neighbour will pay by hiring tradespeople to do the work. However, think twice if you don’t have experience – and if climbing ladders or scaffolding is required and you have safety concerns.

Is experience required? No, but it is certainly helpful. This is especially true if your home is terraced or semi-detached, since the quality of the painting work on your home will surely be seen by the neighbours.

What’s involved in painting a house exterior? Here’s a short list.

Plan ahead: If scaffolding is required, hire it well ahead of time and plan to have it erected on site when you plan to begin painting.

  • Survey the work. Measure to determine how much paint you will need. Determine what repair material might be required such as scraping tools and cement patch repair tools and material. If there is extensive damage, stop the paint work, and call a repair contractor to determine the next steps.
  • Use tarps to cover the ground and plants in the work area – both yours and your neighbours, if the home is terraced or semi-attached.
  • Scrape away loose paint
  • Use fungicide on spots where mold or algae is present. Most fungicides are sprayed or brushed onto the surface. Take care not to splash onto vegetation you want to keep, as it might be hazardous to it.
  • Wash the home. A jet washer machine can be hired for DIY or you can hire the work done for about £150 – £300.
  • Make minor patches and repairs to the cement surface.
  • Apply paint stabilizer to the house surface, which will allow the paint to adhere better.
  • Apply one or two coats of quality exterior house paint, thickly enough not to leave a patchy appearance, but not so heavy that the paint runs
  • Clean up the job site, and, if necessary, notify the scaffolding company that the job is complete

It is recommended that you notify your neighbours of your intent, whether doing it yourself or hiring the work, so that they can take what precautions they feel are necessary to protect their garden from paint, debris and equipment.

Painting the Exterior of a House FAQ

Q. How much does it cost to paint a 2 storey house?

A. Cost varies by type – terraced, semi-detached or detached, but the range for those three types is £800 – £1,250.

Q. What is the best exterior house paint?

A. Choose a quality paint like Dulux Weathershield, Sandtex or Leyland Granocryl. Flat and matte finishes are most popular for walls. Semi-gloss and gloss are used on trim.

Q. What house colours are popular in the UK?

A. Medium tones of grey, beige and off-white are common. Trim can be painted an accent colour for visual interest.

Q. Is spraying on the paint better?

A. No. First, if there’s any wind, the paint will be blown onto surrounding gardens and vehicles, potentially. Secondly, a skilled house painted can go just as quickly and be more precise with a roller as with a sprayer.

Q. Are planning permissions needed?

A. No.

Q. Can a brick house be painted?

A. Yes, but keep in mind that the natural beauty of the brick will be covered, of course. To remove paint requires, sand-blasting, which costs more than house painting. And paint will not hold brick and mortar together that is beginning to crumble.

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