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Soffit & Gutter Replacement Cost

The average cost to replace gutters and fascia along with soffits is £60 per metre. Fascia soffit and guttering replacement cost broken down is around £90-£125 per metre for fascia and soffit plus another £40-£135 per metre for gutters and downpipes.

The cost to replace gutters and fascia/soffit on a standard semi-detached house with 15 meters of fascia soffits and 12 meters guttering depends on the materials used and the difficulty of the labour. These factors are discussed below.

Low Cost £1,900 – £2,100
National Average Cost £2,200 – £2,700
High Cost £2,800 – £3,400
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Time is the enemy of gutters. As the years go on, gutters tend to sag. Sections become disconnected or corroded, and they leak. Leaking gutters are a threat to the house, as water that should be channeled away falls right next to it, splashing against siding and posing a threat to the foundation. Sometimes, gutters simply look old and need to be updated.

Fascia and soffit were typically made from wood, and they eventually become warped or damaged by water. Having to regularly paint wood soffits and fascia is costly and time-consuming. Today’s low-maintenance PVC and aluminium materials solve the problem. Also, some older houses have soffit that isn’t vented and should be replaced with vented soffit that allows excess heat and moisture to be removed from the attic. Installing vented soffit is much less costly than roofing replacement but is one of those jobs which should be considered as part of all routine roof maintenance tasks.

An Overview of Soffit & Gutter Replacements

Gutter replacement cost

Gutter replacement costs start at about £36 per linear metre for uPVC, with an average cost closer to £45. If you upgrade to steel guttering, expect the cost of new gutters UK to be closer to £55 – £60 per meter. Factors affecting the cost of gutters include more than the material – see below for details.

Downpipe cost is roughly the same.

Fascia boards

Fascia boards are the boards running horizontally just below the roofline. Guttering attaches to the fascias. Most are either solid uPVC or, on older homes, a refix job of uPVC covering over wood. Soffits are the section of material, usually vented for ventilation, running overhead between the fascia and the exterior wall of the house.

Fascia boards and soffit sections together cost £105 per metre for an average. It is best to replace them at the same time to ensure all materials are in good condition and properly fitted together.

The whole job, replacement guttering and fascia costs UK, ranges from £150 to more than £170 per metre. The average cost to replace gutters, fascia, soffit and downpipes includes removal and disposal of the old plus material and installation cost of the new materials.

Once you’ve replaced gutters, preventative measures you can take to ensure their durability include regular gutter cleaning and the addition of guards to keep out leaves and debris that encourage the growth of plants and moss.

Trees growing too close to the house rain down leaves and twigs, which end up in the gutters. Falling branches are a top cause of gutter damage. Removing trees growing too close to your home makes sense for the longevity of gutters, the roof, chimney, etc.

Soffit and Fascia

These were traditionally made from wood, but uPVC provides a cheaper and more durable material. It won’t rot, warp or crack like wood. And it has little maintenance requirements, so you don’t have to bother with scraping and painting it every few years.


UPVC has become the material of choice for most homeowners over traditional cast-iron and steel gutters. However, some homeowners appreciate the classic appeal of steel, and steel guttering remains readily available, though the cost is around £20-£50+ more per meter than uPVC.

How much does fascia soffit and guttering replacement cost?

Soffit and Guttering Replacement Cost by Material

How much are new gutters? This overview table gives the basics. There are additional details below including the specific prices for various materials and gutter styles.

Replacement Labour Costs (Costs are per linear metre)
Material  Material Cost Installation Cost Total Cost
PVC / uPVC £24 – £40 £15 – £25 £40 – £65
Steel £33 – £55 £20 – £35 £55 – £90
Cast Iron £44 – £90 £20 – £35 £65 – £125
Aluminium £88 – £100 £20 – £35 £110 – £135

Most affordable: £36 per metre for gutters; £90 per metre for fascia and soffit. All uPVC materials will be used including standard volume 115 mm gutters, no bird guards or gutter guards. Waste removal, labour cost and VAT.

Average: £45 per metre for gutters; £105 per metre for fascia and soffit. Quality uPVC materials will be used including high-volume 150-170 mm gutters, sturdier gutters with bird guards and gutter guards. Waste removal, labour cost and VAT.

Most expensive: £55-£60 per metre for gutters; £125 per metre for fascia and soffit. All aluminium or steel gutter and downpipe materials will be used including narrow gutters, bird guards and gutter guards. UPVC soffit and fascia. Waste removal, labour cost and VAT.

The gutter replacement cost UK details are located in the Cost Factors.

Costs & Pricing of Guttering

Prices for Gutters by Material

These new gutters cost estimates are per metre of material. The size and shape of the guttering are key cost factors.

Guttering installation labour cost is detailed later.

Gutter Costs By Material
Guttering Material Gutter Shape Cost per Metre
PVC Guttering Standard £14 – £20
High Volume £27 – £40
Steel Gutters Half Round £26 – £34
Rectangular £42 – £55
Cast Iron Gutters Small Half Round £38 – £50
Large Half Round £60 – £75
Ogee or Box £75 – £95
Aluminium Gutters Small Half Round £80 – £97
Large Half Round £88 – £105
Ogee or Box £84 – £100
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Costs & Pricing of Installation

Installation & Labor Costs

Fascia and Soffits Labor Costs and Installation

Labour is a significant part of your average cost of new gutters, fascia and soffit.

PVC gutters are the easiest to install, so the labour time is lower than for metal guttering. Most fascia and soffit are PVC or aluminium, and which is used does not affect labour time or cost.

  • Labor cost for PVC gutters: £10-£15 per meter
  • Labor cost for metal gutters: £18-£30 per meter

The soffit, fascia and gutter replacement cost in terms of labour covers wages, VAT, equipment charges if necessary and, of course, sheer profit for the gutter contractor.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Guttering and Fascia Soffit Replacement

Replacement guttering and fascia costs UK are determined by these issues.

  • The Gutter Material – As you can see from the materials list of the cost of gutters, whether you use uPVC or one of the metal types is the single largest cost factor.
  • Size of your House – The total cost on larger homes is more, of course. But the cost of gutters per foot – along with fascia and soffit – can be lower on big houses because of economies of scale.
  • Condition of the House – When no minor repairs are required, such as replacing rotted house boards, then costs are lower. If major repairs are needed before the fascia and soffit can be replaced, then costs might exceed the estimates here.
  • Removal and Disposal of Old Materials – Expect costs of £2-£5 per metre to be factored into the estimate for removing and disposing of the old gutters, downpipes, fascia and soffit.
  • Who Does the Work – As noted, there is money to be saved by doing it yourself. However, it is important that the gutters and downpipes be properly hung in order to assure complete drainage of water away from the foundation of your home.
  • Complexity of the Work – When you hire the work done, the contractor will consider the height of the roof, the number of corners in the guttering and other factors affecting job difficulty.
  • Your Location – UK gutter replacement cost is highest in and around London. Prices in the South as a whole are higher than in other regions.

Timescale for Replacing Guttering

The size of your home, the height of the roof and the size of the crew are key factors in how long the job takes.

  • Up to 1 Day | Most terraced and semi-detached homes
  • Up to 2 Days | Large semi-detached and fully detached homes

Is Planning Permission Required for Guttering Replacement?

No. This is a straightforward job that doesn’t involve aspects that typically need permissions such as electrics, plumbing or the structure of the house.

Install Yourself? Or Get a Professional?

Most homeowners hire the installation of gutters and the rest. But if you’re handy, have ladders and can use them safely and have a helper, you might consider doing the work.

Key points are to ensure tightly fitting joints in the fascia and soffit. Use the appropriate fasteners. Be sure that the guttering has the proper slope towards the downpipe, so that they fully drain. Having water stand and stagnate in the gutters will hasten staining or corrosion and encourage plant and moss growth.

Soffit & Gutter Replacement FAQ

Q. How much do new fascias and soffits and guttering cost?

A. See the tables above, but most customers spend about £40 – £65 for PVC and £75 – £110 for steel, cast iron or aluminium.

How much are gutters, fascia and soffit for a terrace house? Semi-detached? Detached?

Here are common prices for homes like these.

  • Mid-terrace: £1,900 – £2,100
  • Average Semi-detached with gable (2 sides): £2,300 – £2,750
  • Large Semi-detached with hip roof (3 sides): £2,550 – £3,200
  • Bungalow (4 sides): £3,000 – £4,200
  • Detached (4 sides): £3,600 – £4,800

Q. What are gutter options? How long do gutters last?

A. PVC is the most affordable material, and it requires very little maintenance. It won’t corrode, of course, like steel and cast iron. Expect 15-25 years from PVC materials before they begin to discolour, stain and potentially crack.

Aluminium doesn’t need much maintenance either and is resistant to corrosion. These factors make it a very popular option as an alternative to PVC. The material lasts a long time when it isn’t dented or damaged, though joints eventually grow weak. Fittings or the guttering will need replacing in about 20 to 25 years.

Steel and cast iron have traditional appeal. Both materials are coated for resistance to corrosion. But they’ll eventually begin to rust unless the maintenance on them is regular and consistent. Durability, when maintained, is outstanding – up to 50 years or more in most settings.

Q. Is scaffolding hire needed? How much does it cost?

A. Most houses have guttering, soffit and fascia replaced without the need for scaffolding. In rare cases where access to the home is difficult and requires scaffolding, the average cost to hire scaffolding is £635.

Q. How can I find gutter replacement near me? Soffit and fascia replacement near me?

A. The most convenient option is to use the no-obligation form on this page. Provide a few details about your gutter replacement project – or fascia and soffit – and you’ll receive estimates from licensed contractors in your neighbourhood that have been pre-screened for experience.

Q. UPVC gutters vs cast iron gutters. Which is better? 

A. They both have pros and cons. Cast iron is traditional, with handsome appearance and durability that lasts 50 or more years when the material is maintained. However, cost is higher. And the weight of the cast iron can cause the guttering to tear away from the house, especially when the gutters are clogged and a lot of water gets trapped in them.

PVC gutters don’t have the visual appeal, but they are cost-effective, lightweight and easier to install if you are considering doing the work.

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