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New Roofing Cost Guide

How much does new roofing cost? The average cost for a new roof on a house with tiles is £80 per metres squared or a total cost of about £5,670. Your cost might be higher or lower depending on the material you use and the size of your house.

New Roofing Costs
Material 2 bed
3 bed
3 bed
4 bed
Roof area 50-60 m2 65-75 m2 90-100 m2 100-115 m2
Concrete tiles £3,475 – £4,350 £4,050 – £5,225 £4,675 – £5,400 £5,295 – £5,780
Clay tiles £4,820 – £5,635 £5,575 – £6,750 £6,815 – £8,100 £7,085 – £8,295
Slate tiles £6,730 – £7,695 £8,125 – £8,265 £8,815 – £9,360 £8,915 – £10,545
Looking to get a new roof installed or roof replaced?

Re roof cost factors and others are shown in the table above.

The information below includes:

  • A list of new roofing costs
  • Cost factors that will help you determine where in the cost range your new roof will fall
  • Planning permission requirements
  • Advice on whether re roofing is a DIY project
  • Time it takes for roof fitters to do the work
  • The opportunity to get free quotes from professional roofers

How Much Does a New Roof Cost? Itemised Roofing Costs

Much more goes into the total roof cost than the price of the roof material you choose.

This table breaks down the roof replacement costs for the average £5,670 project using plain tile.

Item Cost
Roof & Ridge Tiles £1,330
Labour £2,650
Supplies & fixings £740
Skip Hire £175
Scaffolding £775
Looking to get a new roof installed or roof replaced?

Perhaps that seems like a high cost for supplies and fixings. These materials include roofing felt, battens, lead valleys and flashing’s, roof vents when needed, fixings and miscellaneous other supplies.

Roof tiles last from 40 years (concrete) to more than 100 (slate), so it is important that the installation materials be the best quality. It is very expensive to remove roof tiles to repair the underlying materials.

New Roofing Cost Factors

The cost of re roofing a house is £3,475 on the low end to more than £10,000. Your roof replacement cost will be determined by these factors.

Scaffolding And Roof Repairs, Replacing Roof Tiles On A Rural Ho
Scaffolding and roof repairs, replacing roof tiles on a rural house in Buckinghamshire, UK
  • Roof area: The more roof area there is to cover, the higher your roofing cost will be. Mid-terrace roofs, meaning the roof adjoins neighbouring roofs on both sides, range from 50 to 60 square metres. Semi-detached homes have a roof that connects to a roof on only one side. It must be finished on the non-attached side. They average 65-75 m2. Three bedroom bungalows have roof area that averages about 95 m2. Four bed detached homes average 100-115 m2. Note: Cost tends to go down per square metre as roof size increases. This is because the cost of moving equipment to the job site and other overhead costs are spread out over more square metres of roof. Economies of scale.
  • Skip size: The amount of old roof material removed will determine how large the skip you hire must be. For roof jobs, average sizes are 5-10 yards of waste.
  • Material used: Concrete tiles installed costs are £52 to £70 per square metre. Ceramic clay tile costs are £72 to £96/m2 and slate tile roof cost is £92 to £134/m2.
  • Rain guttering and/or fascia replacement: Having your roof replaced is a good time to replace guttering and roof line fascia that might be rotted. If you replace these items, your costs will be on the high end of the ranges and possibly exceed them.
  • Storeys: It is more difficult and more scaffolding is needed to install roof covering on a home of two or more storeys, so cost rises.
  • Roof complexity: Besides height, the more valleys, hips and obstacles a roof has, the higher the labour charges will be. Mid-terrace roofs have few of these. Detached houses have the most.

Planning Permission Requirements

You do not need permissions to remove old roofing and install new roof covering.

However, if the roof is severely damaged and requires structural repair such as replacing the roof decking or rafters, planning is required – check out the planning portal for details. Total job costs will be higher than shown in the table above.

One thing to keep in mind in addition to the above, is with older roofs, particularly flat roofs and garage roofs, there may be asbestos involved. Our asbestos removal cost guide provides details about the asbestos roof removal cost, as well as permission requirements.

Is Re Roofing a DIY Job?

Roofing is dangerous and requires experience and skills to do the work properly. If any step of the job, from fitting the breathable felt membrane to fitting the flashing to installing the tiles, is done poorly, the roof is likely to leak. You’ll have large repair bills to the roof, and damage to the interior of your home might be considerable. Unless you have roof replacement experience, we suggest leaving this work to professional roofers.

Looking to get a new roof installed or roof replaced?

Time Schedule

Roof replacement time is 4-7 days of work for most projects. Weather delays of a few days to more than a week are possible.

Exact time depends on the size and complexity of the roof.

  • Remove the old roof covering, timber battens and felt membrane: Half day to 1 day
  • Install roof vents if needed, felt and battens (batons): 1 to 2 days
  • Lay the new roof and ridge tiles: 2 to 3 days
  • Remove scaffolding and skip; clean up the job site: Half day to 1 day

For the job to begin on time, the roofer must make certain arrangements first – receive permitting if necessary, arrange for skip hire and have scaffolding erected to safely access the roof.

Roofing and New Roofing Costs FAQ?

Q. How long does a roof usually last?

A. Most roofing experts agree that an asphalt shingle roof will last between 20 and 25 years. Other factors can also contribute to this time for example local environments and type of roof maintenance your roof has received during this time.

Q. Can I repair a flat roof that is now leaking water?

A. Yes, in most circumstances a flat roof leakage can be identified and be repaired. But all repairs would need to be reviewed by a professional roofer, then if the roof is in a state of disrepair, it will usually be recommended that the whole roof is replaced.

Q. What is the difference between a warm roof and a cold roof?

A. Warm roofs have insulation layer above the roof deck. This helps in keeping the home warm during the winter months, but also helps circulate the cool air during summer.

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