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How Much Does a Solid Tiled Roof Conservatory Cost?

The cost of a solid tiled roof conservatory is between £4,000 to £10,000 based on size, style and the materials used in construction. Most homeowners pay an average of £6,100 for a new conservatory with a solid roof. Costing details and factors affecting the cost are below.
Low Cost £4,000 – £5,600
National Average Cost £4,900 – £7,700
High Cost £7,200 – £10,000
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How Much for a Lightweight Tiled a Conservatory Roof ?

So, how much to tile a conservatory roof? The cost to install a solid tiled roof system on an average-sized 16 m2 conservatory can be as low as £4,000 if the roof is fairly simple or as high as £10,000 for a large ornate roof. Solid tiled conservatory roofing costs range from £250 to £1,00 per m2 with the average cost around £750 per m2.

There are a number of variables that can affect the cost including the size of the conservatory and the complexity of the roof, the type of tile used, and whether you will add roof light windows or solar panels. You’ll also need to include the cost to remove and dispose of the old roofing materials.

What is a Solid Conservatory Roof?

A solid conservatory roof is one not made of glass or polycarbonate, but a solid roof system fitted with lightweight tile or steel panels. You lose the daylight and sun with a solid roof conservatory, but they can be insulated to create a warmer environment for use in more months of the year.

What are the Options for a Solid Conservatory Roof?

Your too main options are timber and aluminium framing for the roof system.

Timber is the heavier material, but size can be completely customised, since the structure is framed by hand at the jobsite. Timber, of course, is naturally strong and provides better insulation. It’s a traditional way to frame a conservatory roof system and will certainly do the job. Moisture won’t condense on the wood to cause problems. But any leak in the roof can wet the timber and lead to rot and the need for extensive repairs.

Architectural aluminium is a lightweight alternative growing in popularity. It offers excellent weather-resistance and is fully recyclable. However, aluminium conservatory roof frames cost more than timber frames and don’t have the insulation value of timber. If you choose aluminium, make sure it is high-grade material rated to bear the weight of a conservatory roof.

Brands Who Make Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof Systems

Tiled Conservatory Roof Systems Costs

There are several major manufacturers of tiled conservatory roof systems.


CosyRoof is one of the best-known brands of conservatory roof conversions. Giving you a range of tiling options suitable for any conservatory style, CosyRoof conversions  include a timber roof frame, guttering, fascia boards, and a fully finished, plastered, and insulated interior ceiling. Backed by a 10-year guarantee plus a 40-year warranty on most tile options,  a CosyRoof adds a small amount of insulation to the conservatory and requires 2-3 days to install.

Guardian Warm Roof System

The Guardian Warm Roof system begins with an aluminium frame attached to the conservatory once the old roof has been removed. The roof is insulated to make the space warmer in winter. This is what the expression “warm roof” means, obviously. Guardian Warm Roof Systems typically use Metro Tile or Tapco products to complete the installation. The Guardian roof system will provide a u-value of 0.18.

Guardian roof systems are LABC-registered which gives you an advantage with building regulations approval. Expect total time for the installation to be 3-4 days, though it might take longer if you choose interior or exterior lighting options.


Supalite also provides an insulated, “warm roof” system. The system’s frame is lightweight aluminium, and most do not require the need for additional support, although you should always check with a building control body (BCB) first.

Supalite provides lightweight tiles in a range of colors and styles with up to 60-year life expectancies.


Eurocell offers the Equinox tiled roofing system for conservatory roof replacement. Lightweight aluminium rafters are attached to a timber deck to provide necessary airflow through the roof system. This dries the space, reducing the risk of condensation that could wet the timber and produce mold or rot. Upgraded boarding increases strength to allow larger roofs without the risk of sagging.

Traditional tile styles are often employed with Eurocell roofs. These include concrete and clay tile and natural slate. Some synthetic tiles are offered too that produce a lighter roof – fiberglass, polymer, crushed limestone and rubber materials. Lightweight steel options exist too.

Some of the major lightweight conservatory tile brands include Tapco, Britmet, and Envirotile. Tapco Slate is a ground limestone and polypropylene tile that looks quite like natural slate. EcoPan Plus by Britmet is a zinc-coated steel panel treated with a mineral filled acrylic glaze to look like traditional clay pan tiles. Envirotile features a recycled rubber slate tile.

An Overview of a Solid Tiled Roof Conservatory Replacement Cost?

Here is a look at solid roof conservatory cost, aka tiled roof conservatory cost.

Most Affordable: Solid roof conservatory prices start at about £250£500 per m2. Projects in this range are simple and include lean-to styles and roofing without roof windows or other features. Tile would be an inexpensive, standard choice.

Average: £500 to £850 per m2. Over 50% of projects fall into this price range and include conservatory roofing with the need for minor structural repairs or strengthening, one or two roof window lights, and fairly uncomplicated Edwardian or  L and T shaped conservatories. Tile would include a full range of choices.

Most Expensive: At the top end, replacing a conservatory roof with a solid roof cost is £850£1,000 per 2m. Projects in this category include larger conservatories with the most complex shapes such as Victorian and P-shaped conservatories and ornate roofing details or where structural repairs are extensive.

The cost for a fully installed new solid tiled conservatory roof generally will include the following:

  • Remove and dispose of the old roof
  • All materials including new roofing frame, plywood, plaster board, insulation
  • Tiles – high-end tiles may be extra
  • Roof vents
  • Fascia
  • Guttering
  • Lead Flashing
  • Plastered ceiling
  • VAT

We recommend you use our price comparison tool to match you with local screened contractors, you can then compare prices and receive the best deal.

What May Not Be Included in the Cost?

If your existing conservatory needs to have the structure or foundation strengthened or repaired  to hold the new roof, you will probably find that these costs are not included in the price. Also check on costs for electrical wiring. If you currently have wiring in your conservatory ceiling the cost should be included but if you will be adding new wiring there may be additional costs.

Glass Conservatory Roof Replacement Costs

The cost to replace a glass conservatory roof starts at about £2,400 for a small roof and rises to more than £5,200 for large roofs. The average glass conservatory roof replacement cost is about £4,450.

You can save 25% to 30% by using polycarbonate instead. That makes the average cost of glass conservatory roof replacement about £3,115  to £3,375.

Costs & Pricing of Installation

Tiled Roof Conservatory Cost of Roofing Tiles

Cost of Roofing Tiles

There is a broad range of roofing tile options and prices.  Steel sheets that are imprinted to look like tiles may be priced as low as £20 per m2 and premium natural slate tiles may be £400 per m2 or more. The cost range for decent quality synthetic tiles will run between £45 and £100 per m2.

Your contractor may be able to provide the best price on roofing tiles or you may be able to find a better price at retail locations or online so it’s worthwhile to shop around.

Roofing Prices by Roof Size

Cost per m2 goes down slightly as the size of the roof increases. The equipment and crew are already at your job, and often, buying materials in volume will provide discounts.

Conservatory Roofing Prices by Conservatory Size
Conservatory Size Average Cost Range per meter Squared (m2)
8 m2 £700 – £900
12 m2 £650 – £850
16 m2 £600 – £800
20 m2 £550 – £750
Prices are based on use of average priced roofing tiles.
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Factors Affecting the Cost of Solid Roof Conservatory Installation

When you get free cost estimates for replacing your conservatory roof, the tradesmen will consider the following factors:

    • The size of the conservatory
    • Removing and disposing of the old roof
    • Whether or not the foundation and structure need repair or strengthening
  • What type of framing (timber or aluminum) will be used to support the roof
  • The style of the conservatory – a simple gable or lean-to conservatory will require less labour and therefore less cost than a more complex Victorian design
  • Amount of insulation and plaster board needed
  • The addition of wiring or lighting will increase the cost
  • Will the inside ceiling be a flat finish which can mean the addition of a suspended ceiling
  • The type of tiles selected can have a significant impact on price
  • Whether you need to obtain planning permission
  • Where you live can have an effect on costs. Prices are usually higher in the London area and South. In the rest of the UK, costs are lower in cities where there are more tradesmen and competition than in rural areas.
  • The company you hire. Smaller businesses are generally more able and willing to be negotiable on costs.

Note: Your builders estimate should show you both the cost of materials and labour. Seeing the estimate broken out this way will give you the ability to delete or substitute items with less expensive alternatives to help you meet your budget requirements.

Timescale for a Solid Tiled Roof Conservatory

Expect the installation of a solid roof conservatory to take 1-2 weeks. This timescale includes:

  • 1-3 Days | Excavation, preparation, foundation
  • 2-4 Days | Assembling or building the conservatory
  • 2-3 Days | Install the conservatory roof

Is A Solid Conservatory Roof Worth the Replacement Cost?

Benefits of a Solid Tiled Roof Conservatory

Compared with a glass or polycarbonate roof conservatory, one with a solid roof offers:

  • Better insulation, so you can use the conservatory more months of the year.
  • Higher return – It will increase the value of your home more than a glass-roofed conservatory will.
  • A more solid structure, more like an extension to your home.
  • Increased privacy.

Is a Solid Roof Conservatory Cost Effective on Energy Bills

It certainly can be. To get the best energy efficiency, install at least several inches of insulation beneath the roof. There are many options for types of insulation. Your contractor can explain them and give you the insulation value and benefits of each.

Plus, warm summer sun won’t penetrate as it would a glass roof, and this will make the space more comfortable during warm months.

Planning Permission or Building Regulations?

Do you need planning permission for a solid conservatory roof?

Generally you do not need planning permission because a conservatory is covered under permitted development. Be sure to discuss this with your contractor. They should be clear on all local requirements.

Do you need building regulations for a solid conservatory roof? Yes, building regulations pertain to conservatories, and it is important that they are strictly adhered to. This ensures that your conservatory construction is safe and properly done. Failure to adhere can result in a fine or being required to dismantle some of the roof to make corrections. The contract you sign should specify that the contractor will make sure all building regulation requirements are carried out.

Tiled Roof Conservatory Cost FAQ

Below are some of the common questions we receive for Roof Conservatory Costs plus detailed answers.

Q. What does a tiled roof conservatory cost? 

A. Style, size and materials used all affect solid roof conservatory cost. But you can expect to pay at least £4,000 for a small conservatory such as a lean-to style. The most expensive cost more than £10,000, with an average of about £6,100. 

Q. What are the benefits of installing a solid tiled Conservatory?

A. Replacing an old conservatory with a solid tiled system provides many benefits to a homeowner including adding a 10% to 15% increase to the value of your home. Because solid tiled roofs are insulated, they add valuable year-round living space to your home. An insulated tile roof will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter saving you money on annual energy costs.

You can also bring additional light into the conservatory by adding roof light windows into your roofing system. A solid tiled roof is a good choice if you wish to add solar panels.

There are many tile options available so finding one that perfectly suits your home will be easy. A solid tiled roof requires very little maintenance and most tile brands carry 40 year warranties. A solid tiled roof also provides more security than a polycarbonate or glass roof.

Q. How long will it take to install a solid tiled roof on my conservatory?

A. Installing a solid tile roof on a conservatory should not take any longer than 3 or 4 days unless strengthening or repairing the structure or foundation is needed.

Q. What Are the Signs I Need a New Conservatory Roof?

A. The most common signs you need a new conservatory roof are:

  • The roofing is damaged, cracked, or the seals are broken.
  • The conservatory is very hot in the summer and very draughty and cold in the winter.
  • The roof leaks when it rains or there is excessive condensation.
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