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Flooring Jargon Buster

In this flooring jargon buster we cover the common jargon and phrases used during the laying and installing of your new flooring. So, if you’re currently looking at the cost of new flooring or starting to think how to update the floors in your bathroom, kitchen or other rooms within your home, we recommend you take a look at our below list, before you start any kind of installation to prevent any common issues which may affect the installation of your new floors. Don’t forget to check out our other jargon busters in the series.


A substance / glue that secures a surface to one another (e.g. carpet tiles to floorboards)

Abrasion resistance

Resistance to wear on a surface resulting.

Bevelled edges

A wood flooring’s edges that have been cut at an angle, resulting in a ā€˜Vā€™ shape when two boars are placed together.


Is seen as the result of moisture / damp on wooden flooring, which then causes the planks to pull up from the floor.


The warping / uplifting of the edges of the flooring due to excess moisture.


Measures the resilience of flooring against wear and tear (e.g. moisture, starches, indents etc).

Engineered Boards / Wood

A flooring made up of several layers of wood with a solid hardwood veneer glued on top.


The final / protective coating applied to a wooden flooring.


A shiny finish applied to the top of flooring material.


A feature or decorative pattern which is embedded into wooden flooring.


Marking on trees where branches or stems have grown from, gives a unique detail on wooden flooring.

Lacquered Finish

A very thin, clear resin that forms a hard film over the top of the floor. This gives the floor a smooth, glossy, hard-wearing finish allowing the floor to be easy to clean and maintain.


Synthetic flooring product which is made up from multiple layers, with the top layer giving the appearance of a wood finish.


Flooring with a non-shiny surface.


A rounded edge, usually protruding a little over each step often used in hallway staircases.

Oiled Finish

An oil finish which is usually applied to the top layer of a wooden flooring, enabling the floor to maintain its natural look and increase its durability.


A finish usually applied to hardwood to protect it from damage.

Reclaimed wood

Wood that has been previously used in another construction, its then reworked for a new project.


A narrow wooden or vinyl board that covers the joint between a rooms floor and wall.


Sub-floor describes your original floor that you wish to fit the new floor on top off, usually wooden or concrete.


Measures the thermal resistance / insulation value of a carpet.

Tongue & Groove

Design along the edges of wooden flooring planks that allow them to easily fit together, as the tongue of one board fits neatly within the groove of another.


The material layer which provides a cushioning between your chosen flooring material and the floorboards. Underlay usually helps to absorb noise and improve insulation.


This is the top layer of solid wood that is glued on top of a plywood core to create an engineered product that provides protection and decoration. Also known as wear layer.

Vinyl Wood Grain

A Vinyl surface finish that mimics the look of wood flooring.


The result of wooden flooring distortion usually caused by exposure to fluctuating temperatures and moisture.