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Kitchen Worktops Jargon Buster

Within this jargon buster we cover the common jargon and phrases used while installing or replacing the worktops in your kitchen. If you’re in the process of planning a work top replacement or refitting your kitchen, then we recommend you take a look at, or even print this list, before getting started to help you avoid common pitfalls. Don’t forget to check out our other jargon busters in the series, as well as our kitchen refit cost guide.


Granite worktops are a highly popular stone choice for worktops, due to it being one of the most hardwearing and durable worktop materials, it’s also available in variety of colours and patterns to match your all of your kitchen or bathroom designs ranging from traditional to a modern design.


Laminate worktops are created by coating a plastic laminate material onto a chipboard / MDF base, creating a harder wearing, easy to maintain surface, laminate worktops are the most popular choice for worktops within the UK due to the large range of colours, sizes and textured finishes to meeting your design needs.


Quartz worktops are engineered from a man-made material, mostly consisting of crushed quartz with the remaining part (up to 10%) being polymer / earth, creating a very durable, chemical resistant worktop. One of the best features of Quartz worktops is its scratch resistance and can also easily withstand chips / scratching due to matching the durability of stone, but also due to being man made Quartz is also available in a wide array of textures and colours due to polymers, resins, and pigments available.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel worktops are perfect if you are looking for a highly durable and maintenance free surface. They are heat & acid resistant, water proof and sustained heavy use making them ideal for a busy or commercial kitchen.


Glass is a non-porous material that can withstand moisture, spills and easily wiped clean making it perfect for the use within Kitchens, Glass worktops are available in a variety of different colours and finishes such as ‘crackled’ or opaque and also Heat, acid and water resistant.

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